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Dr. Gian Carlo Gozzelino

Audiological Associate Manager

With more than 23 years experience in the industry, he has stated to work as Audiologist in 1996 serving and taking care more than 1500 customers. He is now Corporate Multi-Channel Audiological Manager in a leading global hearing company.

Meet our expert: Dr. Gian Carlo Gozzelino

Graduated Audiologist in University of Padova, he is certified trainer and coach in NLP Association, Hopatcong (NJ). After 11 years as an audiologist, he moved in the Training Team, supporting Audiologists training with more than 5000 classroom hours, coordinating external trainers and managing suppliers also leveraging on e-elearning.

In 2015 he moved to Medical Marketing, managing projects, guidelines and tools development, to support ENT’s daily life.

Meet our expert

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