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Schedule a no-obligation consultation with a licensed hearing care professional today to determine if you have hearing loss. If your hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids, different options will be discussed to fit your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. You’ll learn about all the features and how hearing aids can help you enjoy life to the fullest. 

You may have gotten accustomed to your progressive hearing loss, so wearing hearing aids for the first time will take an adjustment period. Trying out hearing aids risk-free for 30 days will give you ample time to test them in the comfort of your home in different listening situations. This will enable you to make an informed decision if hearing aids are a good solution for you. 

A 2017 study of hearing aid users (ages 55 to 79) compared those who worked closely with a licensed hearing care professional to a group that didn’t, all of whom received the exact same device. Individuals who received customized hearing aid programming and real-ear verification, education, and related counseling from a licensed hearing care professional were far more likely to purchase hearing aids after the six-week trial. This finding emphasizes the importance of working closely with a licensed hearing care professional.

Once you’re used to wearing hearing aids, you’ll likely be amazed how much better you can hear every day sounds, from your children or grandchildren playing at the park and birds chirping in your backyard to watching your favorite TV show and talking on the phone.

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