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Rakhee Chandra

Member of Audiology Australia

Rakhee Chandra is an audiologist and her mission is to use better hearing as a vehicle to leave a positive mark on the world we share.

Dr. Rakhee Chandra

I have been in audiology space since 1992. I have a wide experience in paediatric and adult rehabilitation, tinnitus management, hearing aid assessment, fitting and verification. I have also provided audiology lessons to Medical students from Sydney University and Audiometry TAFE students. I have also been actively involved in hearing awareness program within the General practitioners and ENTs within NSW, Australia.

I have held different positions though out my career as a Training Manager, Area Manager and now moved to the Head of Audiology role. In this role ,my main goal is to improve and embed clinical sales excellence across clinics ensuring the highest levels of audiology protocol in compliance to professional standards and Hearing Services Program requirements, optimising clinical operational procedures and policies.

As an audiologist, I’ve always thought that helping people hear better is the best job in the world. I truly believe hearing well improves quality of life. I find tremendous joy working with people long term, connecting with them, hearing their stories, and sharing their lives all through sound. A hearing aid is much more than a plastic aid. It connects us together.

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