Phonak is a Swiss hearing aid company that over the past 70 years has grown to become one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers of hearing solutions.

Since it was founded, Phonak has strived to always be at the cutting edge of hearing aid technology, which has seen the brand create some of the most state-of-the-art hearing devices in the world. Phonak has an extensive product range to suit most types of hearing loss, lifestyle, age and budget.

Phonak Lyric hearing aid

When Phonak released the Lyric device, the hearing aid market had never seen anything like it before. While it could boast to being the world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid, it was also the only hearing aid in the world that could be worn non-stop for up to three months at a time. A Phonak Lyric hearing aid user can wear the device comfortably for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to the hearing aid’s soft foam-like material, the device comfortably fits the contours of the ear canal so you won’t even know you are wearing it. Meanwhile, its advanced coating ensures the hearing aids are protected from moisture and earwax.

Lyric 24/7

The Lyric hearing aid enables users to get on with their day and not even give a second thought to their hearing loss, thanks to its remarkable sound quality. The device can stay in the ear for up to three months before it is removed by a hearing care professional who will replace the device with a new Lyric hearing aid that has been programmed to the user’s hearing prescription. With the Lyric hearing aid in your ears, you can carry on as normal and enjoy showering, exercising, speaking on the phone and even sleeping. You don’t have to worry about putting them in or taking them out of your ears every day or even changing the batteries.

Lyric hearing aid tinnitus relief

The constant amplification and stimulation of your auditory system provided by Lyric hearing aids can provide in-depth relief of tinnitus symptoms (ringing or buzzing in the ears) and even improve your quality of sleep.

Benefits and features

Designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, the Phonak Lyric hearing aid is available in seven sizes, from XXS to XXL, and comes with a host of benefits and features. For example:

  • Enhanced localisation and directionality so you can tell where sounds are coming from
  • Reduces the effect of occlusion which makes the ear canals feel blocked
  • Reduced feedback which can cause the hearing aids to make a whistling sound
  • High-frequency gain so you can hear high pitched sounds
  • Reduces wind noises
  • Compatible with using headphones telephones or a stethoscope with almost no feedback
  • Safe to wear 24/7 for up to 3 months at a time
  • Coating technology protects Lyric devices from moisture and earwax
  • The battery lasts up to 120 days

Lyric hearing aid cost

The cost of a Lyric device will largely depend on where you live and is only sold through certified providers on a subscription basis, so while a hearing-care provider such as Costco may sell Phonak products, the lyric hearing aid Costco currently doesn’t sell. The Lyric’s yearly subscription provides you with new devices each time you have the hearing aid replaced.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% invisible
  • Can be worn 24/7, including while you sleep
  • Can be worn in the shower
  • Can be worn with headphones and helmets
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Provides good localisation (direction of sound)
  • No occlusion effect (blocked feeling in the ear canal)


  • Has to be replaced by a hearing care professional every 2 to 3 months
  • Not suitable for any hearing loss greater than moderate
  • Limited features and fine-tuning opportunities
  • May not be suitable for very small ear canals
  • Cannot be worn when diving or swimming underwater

If you are looking for an invisible discreet hearing aid that provides continuous hearing, all day and all night, then schedule a consultation with your hearing care professional to find out if the Phonak Lyric is a good option for you.

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