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Recognising that as many as one in six New Zealanders are suffering from some degree of hearing loss, Philips has continued to develop innovative new models of hearing aids designed to fit your life as well as your ears. The Philips HearLink 9010 range uses groundbreaking SoundMap technology to isolate the sounds that you want to hear more clearly, even in busy and noisy spaces.

Philips HearLink reviews

The Philips HearLink range offers four distinctly different styles of hearing aid:

  • The miniRITE is designed to be small and discreet, fitting snugly behind your ear and matching your hair colour, for total concealment, while offering support for mild to severe hearing loss
  • The miniRITE T comes with two programme buttons for easier use and a telecoil, while still having all the colour options of the miniRITE and being suitable for most levels of hearing loss
  • The miniRITE T R adds in a rechargeable battery that takes just three hours to reach full charge, via the contact-free charging system and integrated USB port
  • The BTE PP is recommended for severe to profound hearing loss and offers robust support, as well as two programme buttons, a telecoil and behind-the-ear fit


At the core of the Philips HearLink range is performance hearing aid technology, designed to offer optimum hearing support, while also enhancing your user experience. Key considerations include:

  • SoundMap noise control and amplification that work together to focus on directionality and reducing unwanted noise, particularly in social situations, where amplifying clear speech is a priority
  • SoundMap feedback canceller ensures an almost whistle-free experience
  • Wireless connectivity links to your smart devices with ease
  • Binaural coordination means that any changes you make to one aid will be automatically replicated in the other
  • Extended dynamic range allows for better clarity of loud noises through an increased input signal range
  • Low-frequency enhancement ensures that sounds coming from devices such as televisions and mobile phones are transmitted more clearly
  • A diverse colour range to offer you the most discreet hearing aid possible


Despite already being easy to use and as innovative as hearing aids come, the Philips HearLink collection has been created specifically to work alongside a range of accessories that keep you firmly in control. The accessories that will help you to get the most from your new hearing aid include:

  • Audio Clip: A surprisingly small piece of equipment that fulfils a large number of functions, from turning your hearing aid into a wireless headset for seamless use with screens, audio equipment and phones through to working as a direct microphone for conversation, it is a must-have that can be carried in your pocket
  • TV Adapter: Designed specifically to let you listen to your television while on a low power setting, thus preserving battery life and preventing you from unexpected power outages
  • Philips Remote: An easy alternative to on-aid buttons, you can use this small but non-fiddly remote to change your volume or programme settings

Philips HearLink cost

Philips HearLink prices vary, but you can find them at Costco. If you are unsure about hearing aid costs and need guidance, you should book a consultation with your hearing specialist, specifically to discuss which models cater for your needs and offer the best value. It is also worth considering future-proofing your purchase, so ask your consultant about the benefits of buying an aid for now, against investing in one that could support you, if your hearing loss develops.


  • Innovative and designed to work with smart devices
  • Sleek profiles make for discreet use
  • Numerous accessories are readily available
  • Models cover the full spectrum of hearing loss


  • More expensive than some ranges
  • Some colours might be more popular and more prone to selling out

Aside from offering easy-to-wear styling, a range of colours and sleek, contemporary profiles, the advantage of the Philips HearLink hearing aids are clear to see as they all offer whistle-free conversation, seamless audio streaming and ease of use, even for the dextrously challenged.

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