Hansaton Sound SHD

Hansaton is an international hearing aid provider that has been developing innovative hearing technology since 1957.

Hansaton is a member of the Sonova Group of hearing aid brands that include Unitron, Phonak and Connect Hearing. Hansaton hearing aid ranges bundle cutting-edge technology into tiny spaces, ensuring you can enjoy excellent sound quality and optimum speech clarity.

While its hearing products are sold in more than 70 countries around the world, Hansaton develops hearing solutions for most types of hearing loss, to help people enjoy a happy and fulfilled life without the restrictions that can come with a loss of hearing. Hansaton’s range of devices includes behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE) and customised devices that offer a practical, comfortable and innovative hearing solutions.

Hansaton Sound SHD

The Sound SHD range of devices combines modern attractive design and a powerful SphereHD chip which it shares with the Hansaton AQ SHD rechargeable hearing aid. This technology delivers superior and natural hearing, even across constantly changing or challenging sound environments. This cutting-edge hearing system automatically adapts to any listening situation and combined with speech discrimination, noise management, sound localisation, and integrated tinnitus (ringing in the ears) relief technology, the devices provide a comfortable hearing experience.

Sound SHD models

The Hansaton SHD range is available in four performance and technology levels. All the Hansaton Sound SHD hearing aid models are a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids that offer the same technology and exceptional sound quality. The key difference between each model is the size and battery options:

  • Hansaton Sound SHD 10: Smallest device in the range but lacks the inbuilt button and telecoil compatibility found in the other models
  • Hansaton Sound SHD S312: Most popular model in the range, it provides a good balance between size and battery life
  • Hansaton Sound SHD S13: A little larger and uses a long-life battery and provides the best choice for those with moderate to severe hearing loss

Hansaton later extended its range of Sound SHD devices to incorporate the Hansaton Sound SHD 5 hearing aid which features 7 programmes and 12 channels which combine to deliver a quality and enjoyable listening experience.


Today’s hearing aid users demand a lot from their hearing aids. With the ever-growing influence that media has on our daily lives, Hansaton designed the Sound SHD stream to be versatile and changing communication needs. While the Hansaton Sound SHD Stream enables you to make and receive video calls and hands-free telephone calls via your hearing aids and smartphone, you can also stream your favourite films or TV shows directly to your ears. The Sound SHD stream supports binaural hearing that creates a hearing experience that’s natural and personal. The hearing aids also feature:

  • SpeechBeam SHD-1: Utilises data from each hearing aid and cutting-edge noise reduction features to improve speech understanding in challenging sound settings
  • Speech Locator: Quickly identifies which direction speech sounds are coming from
  • Spatial Awareness: Utilises directional data obtained from both hearing aids to effectively analyse changing sound environments so you can decipher where specific sounds are coming from
  • AutoSurround SHD 3: Will automatically perceive the type of noise and uses the best sound environment programme to improve your hearing

SHD accessories

Hansaton has created a range of innovative accessories to complement your Sound SHD hearing aids, including:

  • uStream: Wireless remote control that will stream stereo sound from your devices to your hearing aids using the SphereHD platform
  • uMic: Wireless microphone that picks up the audio and streams it to the uStream or uDirect 3
  • uTV3: Streams audio from your TV via the uStream or uDirect 3
  • uDirect3: A wireless remote control that streams stereo
  • remoteHD app and Remote Control 2: Uses the SHD platform to transform your smartphone into a discreet remote control for your Hansaton hearing aids

If you are concerned about your hearing or think you may benefit from wearing hearing aids, schedule a consultation with your hearing care professional who will be able to advise you on your options.

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