Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids have a long life span of up to 30 hours per charge. With three hours of charging, your hearing aid is ready to provide you with excellent hearing irrespective of your environment.

Rechargeable batteries are durable, cost-effective, and inbuilt with a longer life span, saving you time, money, and effort.


Advantages of rechargeable Hearing Aids

To avoid the inconvenience and drawbacks of disposal hearing aid batteries, more and more wearers of hearing aids are turning to spare, rechargeable hearing aids. Just like you remember to charge your mobile phone during the night, charging these hearing aids overnight when not in use is convenient and easy to make a habit.

These rechargeable hearing aids take a short time to charge as with only three hours of charging, your battery is complete, and you can use your hearing aid right away. Besides, you don't have to worry about the physical charging of the battery as you only need to plug the hearing aid in a charger.

Below are just a few of the advantages of using rechargeable hearing aids as opposed to disposable batteries:


Unlike disposal hearing aid batteries that require regular replacement, rechargeable hearing aids will take many years before disposing of the battery. Hence, they are very environmentally friendly.


Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are inbuilt, meaning you don't have to remove them every time you charge them, thus there are less chances of damages. The batteries also have a longer battery life as they will take many years before requiring replacement.


Unlike disposal batteries that you will need spares to change if your battery dies, these hearing aids don't require those changes. In that way, these hearing aids save you costs as you don't need a spare.


Unlike disposal batteries, where you will need to be attentive while inserting and removing the batteries, these hearing aids are easy to use. Visually impaired patients can also use them with ease.

Pets and kid-friendly

Unlike disposal batteries, which kids and pets can swallow by accident since they are tiny, these rechargeable hearing aids eliminate that hazard as you simply charge the hearing aid itself.

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How to choose the best Hearing Aid

Choosing a hearing aid can be troublesome if you have no idea what to consider. Below are things to look for in a hearing aid before purchase:

Your level of hearing loss

Different hearing aids serve different purposes. That means the first task will be checking with an audiologist about the level of damage you ear have. The specialist will do a hearing test to be sure. Your physician will also guide you through the most suitable hearing aid options to improve your hearing capabilities.

Hearing comfort

Here, you will choose your hearing aid depending on the comfort you need, as some hearing aids will be visible on the ear while others are invisible. But be aware that hearing aids do not completely restore hearing loss, they only enhance sound around you, giving you a normal hearing experience.

The manifacturer

While purchasing your hearing aids, keep purchasing from trusted retailers and manufacturers to avoid buying fake devices. Research the price ranges before heading to the retailer shop to eliminate the risk of trading with frauds.

Hearing aid quality

Here you check on the sound quality of the hearing aid. This includes how durable it is, the level of noise reduction it provides, and the clarity of sound it has, as well as the hearing aid connectivity to remote controls, Bluetooth and audio streaming features.

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Types of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

If you are buying a hearing aid for the first time, consider those with a risk-free trial period to have time to confirm whether the device is suitable for you. Below is a list of the five best reachargeable hearing aids:

Phonak Audeo B-R

This long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid has a battery life span of 6 years, and comes with a portable mini charger. You can easily connect your device with your mobile phone and television using Bluetooth and listen to audio safely.

The hearing aid has a clear sound as it detects changes in your environment and adjusts accordingly to enable you to hear well. Depending on the version you choose, their price ranges between $2,698 to $4,798 per pair.

Audicus Clara

Audicus Clara hearing aid has superior noise reductions with adaptive technology that allows the device to cope with your surroundings for perfect sound transmission. You can stream audio freely as it has Bluetooth connectivity. With different Audicus Clara hearing aids, you can get a pair for $699 or up to $1,398, depending on the device features.

Widex Moment

This has a clear sound transmission with its unique technology and a smartphone app that you can use and learn how to operate the device and modify it whenever you need. The device is also waterproof, and you can stream audio anytime as it has Bluetooth connectivity. You can get your Widex moment rechargeable hearing aids between $2,798 to $4,598 per pair as they got different options.

Eargo Neo

This device has superior noise and wind reduction technology to make it usable in all environments. It even has an Eargo app where you can customise the hearing aid with ease. You can connect your device to other audio streamers like your phone. Given its high quality and versatility, this device typically costs $2,350 per pair and comes with a one-year warranty.

MD Hearing Aid Volt+

This is the perfect choice for those who sweat a lot as it has a waterproof coat that prevents any water from damaging the device. The hearing aid also has a higher noise reduction technology, which makes it deliver incredibly audio quality. The MD hearing aid volt+ is relatively inexpensive, as you can purchase a pair for $600.

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