Hearing aids coverage for seniors

Hearing loss is a common problem among adults in NZ. Over 800,000 people have hearing loss, and unfortunately, the majority are reluctant to admit it. Perhaps they want to avoid being treated as different, or they fear the cost of buying hearing aids. It's common for people to miss a lot about their lives before the hearing loss. If your job relies on talking and listening to people, hearing loss can be a major setback. The hearing problem may negatively impact your self-esteem and lead to a detrimental self-worth perception. Hearing loss can even substantially affect your cognition. So, if there's a way out of your problem, you will probably want to welcome it with both hands. Luckily, we have delved deeper to help you deal with your hearing loss. There are several avenues in New Zealand ready to fund your hearing aid. These options offer citizens funds and subsidies to buy hearing aids. Some of these avenues may even fully cover your hearing aid. Below, we'll discuss each and how you can benefit from them if you are experiencing hearing loss.

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Ministry of Health Funding

As a New Zealand citizen experiencing hearing loss, you may be able to get some help from the Ministry of Health. The Ministry helps you with funding for your hearing aids in two ways: the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme and the Hearing Aid Subsidy. You can only benefit from one of these funding schemes offered by the Ministry of Health. Let's look into these further:

The Hearing Aid Funding Scheme

The Ministry of Health offers the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme to cover hearing aids for eligible citizens in New Zealand. Both children and adults who are residents of New Zealand can get access to the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme. Adults must undergo an accurate assessment to ensure they are eligible for the funding. The Hearing Aid Funding Scheme will only cover your hearing aid price and not audiologist charges for assessment and fittings. If you have already benefited from the Ministry of Health's Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme, you won't be eligible for this funding. Don't be afraid to consult an audiologist about how to benefit from the funding scheme.

Children can receive funding three times every six years, while aged over 20 can benefit once every six years. The funding scheme covers both ears. You can obtain the hearing aid from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) or the Veterans' Affairs New Zealand. Your audiologist will help you access the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme. However, the audiologist has to be a full member of the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS) or an audiometrist who is a member of the NZAS.

The Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme

With this subsidy scheme, the Ministry of Health offers adults who are over the age of 16 $511.11 per hearing aid. To benefit from the Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme from the Ministry of Health, you have to be a citizen of New Zealand. If you've not benefited from the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme, an approved audiologist or audiometrist will be able to help you access the subsidy scheme.

You will receive this subsidy to buy a hearing aid once every six years. Your audiologist must be a full member of the NZAS or an audiometrist member of the NZAS for you to be eligible for the Ministry of Health's Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme.

Accident Compensation Corporation Funding

If your working environment exposed you to risks that resulted in hearing loss, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) can help you address these issues. The good thing here is that the ACC covers the purchasing, maintenance, and required repairs of your hearing aids. They also contribute towards the cost of hearing aid batteries. ACC funds hearing aids once every six years. Your audiologist will assess your hearing problem and find out whether you're eligible for funding. ACC will fully fund your hearing aid. ACC offers funds to eligible Kiwi citizens between $3000 to $5000 for each pair of hearing aids. However, ACC can't fully cover your preferred choice of hearing aid if it is more expensive than this — you'll have to pay the difference in this case. It is a good idea to consult a certified audiologist to be sure you choose the right hearing aid; however, this ACC funding sum will guarantee you a good quality hearing aid in New Zealand.

Veterans' Affairs

NZ veterans may suffer hearing loss as a result of their services in the military. They may have offered Qualifying Services in the Armed Forces on specific operations where they encountered risks. You can also qualify for funding if your hearing loss or tinnitus resulting from Qualifying Services prevents you from performing your duties. You can use your GP and audiologist to benefit from Veterans' Affairs.


Insurance companies could fund your hearing loss if you experienced an accident that led to hearing problems. To benefit from any insurance company, New Zealand citizens must put hearing aids on their household contents insurance. You can consult your audiologist to work out the process. Make sure you use a certified New Zealand audiologist with knowledge about how you'll receive assistance from the insurance company.

There are multiple options for funding hearing aids if you are experiencing hearing loss. These alternatives may just be the trick that allows you to feel safe and comfortable living your life the way you want to. They will help you find the appropriate hearing aids to meet your needs.