Hearing Aid Funding and Subsidies in New Zealand

Now that you want to take care of your hearing loss and return to your everyday life, we are here to help. Any hearing loss including those ranging from mild to severe hearing loss can take a heavy toll on your life if it goes untreated. Hearing loss has emotional and psychological effects that can be challenging and isolating. With lots of people over 55 diagnosed with hearing loss, help with this common problem is often very welcome. But what's shocking is that some people shy away from admitting they experience trouble when hearing.

With modern technology, there is frequently a solution to be found for hearing loss. There are easy-to-use hearing aids available that can help you communicate and continue your life normally. Regaining your hearing can boost your confidence to engage with more people and lead a positive life.

Despite a single hearing aid can cost New Zealand citizens over $500 every six years, there are various options to help people in New Zealand cover the cost of their hearing aids.[NS1]  We'll look into every one of them below so you can make an informed decision.

 [NS1]Maybe rewrite to “A single hearing aid can cost New Zealand citizens over $500 every six years. However, there are various options to help people in New Zealand cover the cost of their hearing aids.”

The Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme

This is another funding offered by the Ministry of Health to New Zealand citizens with hearing problems. The Ministry of Health Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme gives eligible 16+ people $511.11 per hearing aid. Once this organization offers subsidies, the senior can't receive other funding from the organization for six years. You can only access benefits from the funding if you have a permanent hearing loss, you are New Zealand citizens living in New Zealand or a  permanent resident not being covered under the Hearing Aid Funding Scheme.

The Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme can help you buy the hearing aid itself. You would be required to pay your audiologist's fees for assessing and fitting your hearing aids. Ensure that your audiologist is a full member of NZAS who will help you access the Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme from the health ministry


The Hearing Aid Funding Scheme

This is a Ministry of Health funding scheme for New Zealand citizens with hearing problems. Seniors[NS1]  are only eligible for this funding if they are citizens permanently living in New Zealand. This scheme will assess the hearing problem to find the right hearing aid that people in NZ need. The hearing aid is funded by the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) or Veterans' Affairs New Zealand.

Once you get help from any of these two, you aren't eligible for funding from the Hearing Aids Funding Scheme. Importantly, the funds only cover the cost of the hearing aid. You will need to pay any audiologist fees for assessment and fitting. The Hearing Aid Funding Scheme can only be accessed by audiologists who are members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS). Before you visit an audiologist, check to ensure that they are approved assessors who can help you access the ministry of health's Hearing Aid Funding Scheme. At EarPros, we have certified audiologists who'll get the job done.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Funding

If more than 6% of your hearing loss results from injury from work or accidents, you can get funding from the ACC to take care of your hearing problem. The cause and degree of your hearing loss will matter a lot when determining the amount to be assigned. New Zealand citizens experiencing hearing loss may receive assistance toward buying, maintaining and repairing hearing aids, as well as replacing batteries.

Luckily, every hearing clinic in New Zealand is ACC certified, so you don't have to worry about where to get your help from. You can use our audiologists to help you through all the tasks and procedures needed to obtain the ACC funding.

New Zealand Veterans' Affairs

Citizens qualify for this funding if they were members of the Armed Forces and their hearing loss resulted from operations they undertook when serving. If you are still a member of the Armed Forces, you may be eligible for this funding if you have a Qualifying Service. Similarly, if you can't work because you have hearing loss or tinnitus caused by this Qualifying Service, you may qualify for this funding.

Now you have everything you need to know about hearing aid coverage in New Zealand. Regaining your hearing is a major step toward feeling safe, comfortable, and positive after the major change in your life that occurs when you experience hearing loss. The right service provider will help you solve your hearing problem. You can reach out to us to learn more about the funding that you can access. EarPros' audiologists will assess your hearing problem, recommend the appropriate hearing aids for you, and answer your questions.

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