How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Once you have chosen and purchased your hearing aids, there are some accessories worth investing in to help care for your hearing aids and make sure they work as effectively as possible. While you will want a case to carry your hearing aids in and the special tools required to keep your hearing aids clean, batteries are one of the most important purchases you make as a hearing aid user.

Standard batteries

The most common type of disposable hearing aid batteries is zinc-air button batteries. While they can maintain a constant voltage, these batteries are also air-activated. So as soon as you remove the sticky factor-sealed tab, the batteries will in effect turn on and start using power. The sticker needs to be removed and the battery needs to be in contact with room air for 3-5 minutes prior to inserting the battery into the hearing aid.

Rechargeable batteries

Many of the latest models of hearing aids are available with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids may cost more than non-rechargeable hearing aids, but you won’t ever need to buy replacement batteries for it. Once the battery is exhausted or you are finished using your hearing aids for the day, you can recharge the hearing aids in a charging dock. The hearing aids can charge while you sleep and be fully charged the next day.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Just like any standard battery, there are many different brands and sizes of hearing aid battery. Each size of non-rechargeable hearing aid battery has a number assigned to it along with a colour to make it easier to find the right-size  battery for your hearing aid. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids usually require 312 and 13 size batteries. Meanwhile, in-the-ear (ITE) style hearing aids generally take size 10 or 312 batteries. So, how long do hearing aid batteries 312 last? We've included the other battery sizes, too – see the list below:

  • Size 10 (yellow): three to seven days
  • Size 312 (brown): three to 10 days
  • Size 13 (orange): six to 14 days
  • Size 675 (blue): nine to 16 days

What affects battery life?

Several factors can impact the life of your hearing aid battery, such as:

Model of hearing aid

There is an enormous choice now for hearing aid wearers. The market has grown considerably over the past few years to offer a wide variety of hearing aid models, technology and features. Just as the prices vary, so does each hearing aids' ability to preserve battery. Also keep in mind that if you enjoy using the advanced features such as streaming your music or favourite TV show, this can impact the lifespan of the battery in your hearing aid.

Hearing aid use

It may sound obvious, but the more you use your hearing aid, the more you will use up the battery. Ideally, you should aim to wear your hearing aid every day, but this will mean that you drain your battery relatively quickly. When your hearing aid is not being used, make sure you switch it off to help preserve the battery power.

Battery manufacturer

There are various companies who manufacturer hearing aid batteries, but if you try out a few from different brands, you’ll soon see that not every battery is the same. The higher-quality battery brands, which are also a little more expensive, generally offer a longer battery life so you don’t have to charge or replace your batteries so frequently. When it comes to which brand of hearing aid batteries last the longest, the three most popular are generally Rayovac ProLine and HEARPRO.

Doing your research and investing in quality hearing aid batteries is an essential part of buying hearing aids. After all, knowing how long hearing aid batteries last will ensure that your hearing aids won’t suddenly stop working at the wrong moment.

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