Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews

Eargo hearing aids have been on the market for around a decade now and are well-received by consumers, thanks to a user-focused design that combines comfort with practicality.

Eargo hearing aids are self-fitting and do not require a visit to an audiologist. This saves their users a lot of time and money, which is always a relief in the healthcare industry. Eargo hearing-aid users also like them because they are discrete and nearly invisible to others while being worn. For those who feel self-conscious about their hearing aid, Eargo models offer greater freedom due to the discrete design. Newer Eargo models have also started to include a variety of useful smart features, controllable through the Eargo smartphone app.

The company has just released the latest iteration of its hearing aid: the Eargo 6. This latest and greatest Eargo model boasts some of the most impressive features yet, but Eargo does still offer three other models that you may want to consider. The fact that Eargo offers four different options at differing price points is helpful, as everyone's budget is different. With a $1,000 difference between the lowest and highest price offerings from Eargo, there is a wide range of options to suit any budget

Eargo Pricing and Features

Eargo prices range from $1,450-$2,650 for a pair. Certainly not bottom dollar, but when you consider that the average cost of hearing aids can be anywhere from $900-$6,000+ for a pair, Eargo is much closer to the lower end of the pricing spectrum than it is to the upper end.

In terms of pricing, Eargo does a good job of offering a good variety, with four different models currently offered at different price points. Of course, with a price difference comes a difference in the features, so let's delve more into what differentiates these models.

Common Features for All Models

Eargo currently offers four different hearing aid models: Eargo Max, Eargo Neo HiFi, Eargo 5, and Eargo 6. Before getting into the features specific to each model, we should point out that there is a basic feature set that you will get regardless of the model you choose.

These shared features of all Eargo hearing aids are:

  • Completely rechargeable
  • Ergonomic carrying and charging case included
  • Comfortable and nearly invisible while being worn
  • Four different sound profiles to easily switch between
  • Background noise reduction and speech volume amplification
  • 45-day moneyback guarantee

While each Eargo model includes these common features, it’s the model-specific feature set that you will want to consider to determine which product is best for you and within your budget. We’ll break these features down for each model, starting from the lowest end of the spectrum, with the Eargo Max, and working our way up to the Eargo 6 for the grand finale.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews

Eargo Max

The Eargo Max takes the previous–and now discontinued–Eargo model and adds incremental improvements. With the Max comes improved audio fidelity and noise reduction compared to its predecessor.

At $1,450, the Eargo Max is the lowest priced model in Eargo’s current lineup. For this price, you get these key features:

  • Three included sizes of flexible fiber ear tips, for comfort and breathability
  • via contacts inside the included case
  • audio clarity and noise reduction
  • 12-month warranty

With the basic Eargo feature set, plus the improvements over the previous Eargo model, the Eargo Max is a strong option for those who want to keep their cost below the $1,500 mark.

Eargo Neo HiFi

Next up is the Eargo Neo HiFi. This model takes the Eargo Max and steps it up another notch in several key areas. Priced at $1,950, is also the first Eargo model compatible with a smartphone app.

In addition to the Eargo’s baseline features and those of the Eargo Max, the Neo HiFi iterates on the previous model with the following key features:

  • Three sizes of Eargo’s patented Flexi Tetrapalm ear tips included, for improved comfort and fit
  • Advanced noise reduction and feedback cancellation
  • Improved gain stability for a better listening experience
  • Wind noise reduction for crisp, clear outdoor speech
  • Eargo Neo HiFi smartphone app to tune Eargo settings to user specifications
  • 12-month warranty

The groundbreaking advancement in this model is without a doubt the Neo HiFi smartphone app integration. With this app, you and your Personal Hearing Professional can tune your Eargo sound settings to fit your exact preferences and needs.

Eargo 5

The next available iteration of the Eargo hearing aid is the Eargo 5. Priced at $2,450, this is the model with which Eargo really took a giant leap forward. While the previous models are all premium quality, with the Eargo 5, the new Eargo smartphone app was launched, offering added features not included in the relatively basic Neo Hifi app. This new Eargo app will be the go-to for Eargo smart hearing aids going forward.

The app includes several highly convenient and useful features. Some of the most notable are:

  • Sound Match” for hearing screening via the app without the need for a clinic visit
  • Ability to schedule a call or chat in real-time with a hearing professional
  • Option to change sound settings via the app, either with preset or personalized settings

In addition to the new app, Eargo added several other improvements to the feature list of the Eargo 5. Among the key features of the Eargo 5 are:

  • Induction charging in the new Eargo charging case
  • Flexible petal ear tips for further fit and comfort improvement
  • 12-month warranty

This, not only are the audio quality and clarity improved compared to previous models, the new Eargo mobile app integration also adds additional functionality. It should be noted here that the new smartphone app is not backward compatible, so it will only work with Eargo 5 and Eargo 6 models.

Overall, the Eargo 5 is the model that truly makes the Eargo feel like a smart hearing aid.

Eargo 6

The latest Eargo model released at $2,650, the Eargo 6 takes everything about the Eargo 5 and gives it a slight improvement, then piles on some extra features. All of this within the smallest Eargo yet.

Like the Eargo 5, the Eargo 6 is compatible with the Eargo smartphone app and includes all the same features associated with the previous model.

The most notable features to consider for the Eargo 6 are:

  • New ‘Sound Adjust’ feature automatically optimizes soundscape when moving between environments
  • IPX7-rated for water resistance for up to 30 minutes in water less than one meter deep
  • Smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market
  • Custom-designed lithium-ion micro battery by Varta
  • 24-month warranty

There are three features in that list that really stand out. First, the "Sound Adjust" feature is a real innovation in the hearing aid space. The ability for the sound profile to optimize automatically when the wearer moves between two completely different sound environments is an extremely useful feature.

The IPX7 rating is always a welcome addition to expensive electronic devices. While we try to be careful with our electronics, sometimes life happens, and you never know when an accidental dive into that vacation resort pool might occur. The water resistance adds extra peace of mind that this relatively significant financial investment is well protected.

Finally, the addition of the new custom Varta battery ensures that the Eargo 6 will last throughout the day. With a 16-hour battery life, these hearing aids will not leave you without charge when you need it most. The included charging case provides up to three days of on-the-go recharging as well, so if you’re away on a trip for a couple of days, you’ll always have power for your Eargo 6 hearing aid.

Eargo Has Something for Everyone

Each model of Eargo hearing aid is designed to be comfortable to wear and nearly invisible. With each iteration on the design, though, Eargo have made their models even more comfortable, as well as continuing to reduce the size. Along with the comfort and discrete design, Eargo has gone to great efforts to pack new innovative features into each new model without losing any of the previous models' features.

For those on a budget, the Eargo Max is still a premium hearing aid with great performance and comfort. If you like the idea of smartphone app integration but don’t quite have the budget for the top-tier model, then the Eargo Neo HiFi is a good option.

If premium features and the best overall performance are what you’re after, then the $2,650 price point on the Eargo 6 is still aggressively competitive in the premium hearing aid market. This model provides cutting-edge hearing-aid technology and premium hearing-aid quality, all within the smallest and most comfortable Eargo model to date.

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