Widex Hearing Aid Reviews

Based in Denmark, Widex is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and produced the first digital in-the-ear hearing aid in 1995.


Widex does not sell its hearing aids directly to consumers. Instead, the company sells to audiologists and licensed hearing care professionals exclusively, so Widex devices are only available through hearing clinics.

Widex Hearing Aid Reviews

Unique Passion RIC

The Unique Passion RIC from Widex is one of the smallest receiver-in-ear models on the market. Capable of a 108dB dynamic range, the Passion RIC includes hands-free streaming for phone calls. Background noise can be controlled with Soft Level Noise Reduction, and the hearing aids include a feedback-canceling system to improve sound quality. A Wind Noise Attenuation system prevents unwanted whistling and interference from wind.

Super Model S4-VSD

Designed for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, the Super Model S4-VSD is a receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid with the power and functionality of a larger behind-the-ear device. These Widex hearing aids include a range of technology to help localize sound—a significant improvement for people whose hearing problems may have prevented them from hearing three-dimensional sound before.

The Super Mode S4-VSD’s speech-enhancing option helps wearers hear speech in loud environments by lifting speech sounds above the hearing threshold. At the same time, the hearing aid’s Audibility Extender increases the range of audible sounds to improve speech perception further. A “Zen+” program can be activated to produce relaxing tonal sounds that also reduce the effect of tinnitus.

Evoke 13D

The Evoke 13D brings artificial intelligence to hearing health. The rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aid uses real-time machine learning to analyze the wearer’s environment, creating a better hearing experience. It also filters out background noise to improve conversation comprehension.

Settings on the Evoke 13D can be controlled using the Evoke app, and the hearing aid is compatible with most iPhone services. The app allows you to choose between different sound profiles and make adjustments as needed. 

Widex Hearing Aids: Pros and Cons

Widex hearing aids are weather-resistant – an especially important feature for people with severe profound hearing loss who need to wear their aids at all times. The lack of a telecoil in the Passion RIC is unfortunate, but most other Widex devices include one.

Widex’s decision to only sell to audiologists and licensed hearing care professionals means device costs will vary from one hearing clinic to another, as each clinic sells cleaning, check-ups, and other services along with the hearing aid. Widex does, however, offer a free, no-obligation trial so you can test their devices before committing to a purchase.

Widex Hearing Aids Cost

Unique Passion RIC: $1,500 per ear
Super Model S4-VSD: up to $2,860 per ear
Evoke 13D: $1,799 per ear

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