Hansaton, a core brand of the Sonova Group, is a leading provider of hearing care solutions. Sonova, which makes Hansaton hearing aids, was founded in 1947 in Switzerland. It now has a presence in 100 countries and employs more than 15,000 people.

Over the years, Hansaton has developed hearing solutions that are attractive and elegant. With a focus on supporting natural hearing, its hearing aids have precise speech, localisation and optimisation functions. The pioneering hearing systems, which combine cutting-edge hearing aid technology with innovative concepts, have won many awards.

Hansaton hearing aids

Almost one in six people in the UK has some kind of hearing loss. And around 15% of adults will be affected by tinnitus in their lifetime. Hearing aids need to be customised to suit your needs and lifestyle as all hearing loss profiles are different. You can discreetly enhance your hearing with Hansaton’s contemporary and stylish hearing systems.

For those with mild to severe hearing loss, Hansaton’s external receiver systems or receiver-in-canal (RIC) are small, high-performance aids. With a speaker that sits in the ear canal, they provide excellent speech clarity and sound quality.

Another option is a behind-the-ear (BTE) system which hooks over the ear and sits behind it. Powered by cutting-edge micro-electronics, these small, discreet powerhouses are also extremely comfortable to wear.

Hansaton’s inconspicuous in-the-ear (ITE) systems are made using laser technology to fit your ear shape. The system and microphone are located in the ear or ear canal, making them virtually invisible. They provide a highly authentic hearing experience and have a long battery life.

Hansaton also has a power hearing system for those who have profound hearing loss. It provides the wearer with a natural hearing experience and excellent amplification, speech and sound quality.

Hansaton hearing aid reviews

Sound SHD hearing aids

The contemporary design of the Sound SHD RIC hearing system is both attractive and durable, housing small yet powerful hearing devices.

  • HearIntelligence hearing systems
  • IP68-certified with a protected plasma-coated surface
  • Choice of eight colours
  • Improved sound quality and speech clarity
  • Simple and convenient to operate

Jam SHD hearing aids

The fantastic sound quality of the Jam SHD range will enrich your hearing and improve your quality of life. They come in both ITE and ITE models and are built for comfort with the natural ear in mind.

  • HearIntelligence hearing systems
  • Pushbutton and rocker switches allow volume and programs to be adjusted separately
  • IP68- certified with a protected plasma coated surface
  • Choice of seven colours
  • Integrated telecoil improves sound quality when making phone calls

The ITE models come with simple to use volume control and a plasma coating for maximum protection and easy cleaning. They are discreet and inconspicuous thanks to their small size and flesh-colouring.

Excite hearing aids

Excite hearing systems are a thing of beauty. Subtle yet powerful with stylish designer housing, they are available in six colour combinations.

Using Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, your hearing aids become wireless headphones so you can use them hands-free with several devices including phones and computers. Excite hearing systems come in both battery and rechargeable models.


Hansaton offers two types of accessories. There is the equipment you’ll need to keep your hearing aids in good working condition, such as batteries and cleaning materials. Hansaton also has a range of accessories to enhance your hearing experience and make life easier.

TV connector: connecting your TV and other audio devices to your hearing system is easy with one of Hansaton’s TV connectors. They have a range of from up to 15m away.

PartnerMic: enhance a conversation with this remote microphone. Simply clip on to whoever you are talking to, and speech will automatically transmit to your hearing system from up to 25m away.

Remote control: Easily adjust the volume on your hearing system with this small, discreet remote control.

Stream phone app: control your hearing devices from your smartphone using this intuitive app.

Hansaton prices

The cost of hearing aids depends on their distinct features, technology and quality. Hansaton has models for every budget, from the entry-level Base m2 to the premium class Sound SHD 10. You can expect to pay between £395 and £3,500 per hearing aid. A high-end hearing aid can cost you up to £4,000. On average, you’ll pay £3,995 per pair.

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