Phonak is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids, products and accessories. Over the past 70 years, Phonak has developed an extensive range of hearing aids that feature some of the most innovative and advanced hearing aid technologies on the market.

Towards the end of 2018, Phonak launched its Marvel hearing aids range which utilises the high performance and state-of-the-art technology the brand has become well-known for.

The Marvel range reflects Phonak’s determination to approach hearing-aid technology differently to other brands. While most other hearing-aid manufacturers have focused on creating Made-for-iPhone hearing aids only, Phonak wanted to go a different way and offer hearing aid users more choice. This led to the launch of the Phonak Marvel family of hearing aids that finally allowed people to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Marvel hearing aids feature five hearing aid models – the first to be launched was the Audeo Marvel.

Audeo Marvel

When Phonak released its innovative Audeo Marvel and Phonak Audeo B hearing aids, it was the first hearing aid on the market with the ability to stream any Bluetooth device, and not just limited to iPhone as other hearing aid brands had been (and some still are). Alongside higher-quality Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calls, the Audeo Marvel also utilises Phonak’s advanced technologies to improve hearing in noise and to automatically respond to changes in your sound environment.

Available in nine colour options, the Audeo Marvel is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid and offers universal binaural connectivity and a clear natural sound. As with all of the Marvel hearing aids, high-quality audio can be streamed directly to your Audeo Marvel devices, from your TV, smartphone, or other connected devices.

Audeo Marvel accessories

Phonak has an extensive range of apps and accessories to complement its Audeo Marvel hearing aids. This includes:

  • Phonak Roger Pen iN wireless microphone and Phonak Roger Select iN wireless microphone that includes MultiBeam Technology to improve speech understanding
  • Phonak PartnerMic microphone worn on the collar to improve one-to-one conversations
  • Remote controls for easy adjustment of volume and program settings
  • Hearing aid chargers which provide one day of hearing aid use with a two-hour charge
  • Phonak hearing care and maintenance products

Features and technology

The Phonak Audeo Marvel offers a wide range of features to improve your hearing experience while also transforming your hearing aids into wireless headphones that can connect to your everyday devices for quality streaming. The Audeo Marvel is the first hearing aid with the ability to automatically classify streamed speech and music signals for superior sound quality. Other features include:

  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology: For streaming full audio bandwidth in real time
  • AutoSense OS 3.0: Automatically adapts to match unique listening situations
  • Stereo Bluetooth streaming: Streaming from Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, or TV and the Phonak TV Connector accessory.
  • Hands-free calling in stereo: Hands-free calling from Bluetooth-enabled phones
  • Rechargeability: Full days worth of hearing aid use from one charge
  • RogerDirect: Users can stream Roger directly to their hearing aids
  • myPhonak app: Provides wearing-time statistics, battery status information and the ability to adjust volume and frequencies
  • myCall-to-Text app: Live transcriptions of phone calls from the other person on the phone call in more than 80 languages
  • WindBlock: Automatically detects and suppresses wind noise
  • NoiseBlock: Reduces uncomfortable environmental noise

Positives and Negatives of Audeo Marvel


While the Audeo Marvel is an easily recognisable Phonak hearing aid, its style has been updated to make it look sleeker and generally more attractive. But beyond its looks, the Audeo Marvel also gives you:

  • Clear, rich sound (even while streaming)
  • Improved speech understanding even in noise
  • Less listening effort
  • Stream any audio to both ears from any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Hands-free phone calls
  • Lithium-Ion rechargeable options
  • Smart apps for remotely adjusting settings and live voice-to-text transcriptions


The two key negatives are generally the battery life and the Phonak Audeo Marvel cost price:

  • Provides 16 hours of battery, but for some people who need longer, this could be restrictive
  • Priced at the top end of the hearing market. Depending on where you buy the hearing aids from, you can expect to pay upwards of £1,995 for a pair. Speak to your hearing care professional for more details about Audeo Marvel hearing aid costs

If you think that you might benefit from using a hearing aid or want to find out whether the Phonak Audeo Marvel could work for you, schedule a consultation with your hearing care professional.

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