Eargo Neo

Eargo's mission is to improve quality of life for those with hearing loss through their medical devices. Eargo hearing aids help address some of the challenges everyone faces when starting to wear hearing aids like social stigma, accessibility, and cost.

Eargo Neo - nearly invisible hearing aids

Eargo Neo are nearly invisible hearing aids that put your hearing needs first by offering a personalized solution and control of your hearing device by using the Eargo app. Picking between competing hearing aids can be difficult, but Eargo's hearing aid pricing is competitive and comes with lifetime support from their licensed hearing professionals. This device has Eargo Flexi Palms, which provide a more comfortable and natural listening experience. While Eargo hearing aids are not created to treat tinnitus, they can help ease symptoms of tinnitus.

Neo Hifi

The Eargo Neo HiFi is for adults with mild-to-severe hearing loss. This device is their most comfortable and advanced hearing solution. Improvements include an increased bandwidth, improved feedback cancellation, and enhanced wind noise reduction. But how much do they cost? Eargo Neo HiFi cost $2,950 each, but there is financing available for as low as $120/month. Find Eargo Neo HiFi reviews at eargo.com


The Eargo Neo hearing aid is a fully rechargable hearing aid that was created for adults with mild-to-severe hearing loss. The Eargo Neo system offers noise reduction, feedback cancellation, stable gain, and the ability to connect remotely to Eargo hearing professionals for hearing-profile adjustments. You can purchase the Eargo Neo for $2,350 or with financing for as low as $109/month.

Eargo Neo features

What comes with Eargo Neo hearing aids?

  • Portable charging case: This case can recharge hearing aids for up to a full week when fully charged!
  • 4 Sound profiles: You can switch between these by double tapping on your ear switch.
  • Rechargable lithium-ion batteries: How long do Eargo batteries last? They can last up to 16 hours! 
  • Lifetime support: All Eargo hearing devices come with lifetime Eargo support from their licensed hearing professionals.
  • Trial-return period and Eargo warranty: This device comes with a 45-day trial-return period and a one-year warranty.


Are Eargo hearing aids bluetooth compatible?

  • Yes! Connect using Eargo Neo's bluetooth to connect to other devices.


Do I need a hearing test or an audiologist's prescription to purchase this Eargo Neo?

  • We recommend you take a hearing test in to help you decide what kind of hearing device will best fit your needs. You do not need to visit an audiologist or have a audiologist prescription to purchase this device!

Eargo Neo Pros and Cons

Eargo Neo Pros:

  • The Eargo Neo Pros are FDA approved hearing aids that you can purchase without visiting a doctor. 
  • This device fits inside the ear canal, which results in the device being almost invisible. 
  • Eargo's flexi domes allow for the hearing aid to suspend the ear, which makes them more comfortable and provides a natural listening experience. 
  • You can apply for Eargo financing online to find rates from 0% to 29.99% APR.


Eargo Cons:

  • These devices are not waterproof.
  • Eargo hearing aids can not stream sounds from other devices.
  • The Eargo Neo App can not connect to the hearing aids while they are being worn.
  • The Eargo customer support has limited ability to make customizations to your hearing aids.

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