Oticon Opn S

Oticon is a hearing aid brand that was launched in 1904 with the world’s first electronic hearing aid. Oticon has earned a reputation for its scientific research into hearing loss and pioneering innovative technology that has helped to transform the hearing aid market.

 Oticon has since grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing aids and accessories for people with all types of hearing loss. Oticon has earned a reputation for its scientific research into hearing loss and pioneering innovative technology that has helped to transform the hearing aid market. The brand’s ground-breaking BrainHearing technology delivers the most natural hearing possible combined with minimum listening effort in every type of noise setting. Oticon has created an extensive product range that offers advanced, intelligent, and attractive hearing solutions.

Oticon Opn S review

The Oticon Opn S is one of the latest additions to the Oticon Opn hearing aids range and expands on the brand’s innovative OpenSound Navigator and BrainHearing technology alongside its innovative internet and device connectivity.

The Opn S is designed to close the gap to normal hearing. With its lightning-fast feedback prevention technology and an upgraded processor that analyzes the sounds around you by taking up to 56,000 measurements per second, the Opn S delivers greater speech understanding even in the most challenging listening environments. Oticon Opn S hearing aids are Made for iPhone devices and connect seamlessly with tablets and smartphones using 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy for minimal battery consumption.

Opn S price and styles

The Opn S hearing aid is available in seven colors and three technology levels to provide greater choice and flexibility. The Opn S 1 is the premium model in the range, followed by the mid-range Opn S 2 and the Opn S 3, which is the lower mid-range option. The device is available in three receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles and one behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid model with telecoil and rechargeable options.

The Oticon Opn S cost will depend on the model and technology level of the hearing aid. Your hearing care professional will be able to advise you as to which model would be most beneficial to you. Oticon Opn S hearing aids can start from around $1,500.


The Opn S hearing aid range significantly improves on Oticon’s already successful formula while also adding new features to make the Opn S range suitable for almost any type of hearing loss.

  • App & Remote Control: For discreet and convenient volume adjustments, switching between programs or controlling connectivity sources with the Oticon Remote Control or the Oticon ON App
  • Binaural Coordination and Processing: Coordinates volume and program settings between both hearing aids
  • Feedback Shield LX: Reduces the chance of feedback and will suppress it should it occur
  • Made for iPhone: Connects to iPhone for streaming audio and adjusting hearing aid settings
  • OpenSound Navigator: Continuously analyzes the environment and balances sound sources so sounds you want to hear are clear and not disturbed by competing sounds
  • OpenSound Optimizer: Uses ultra-fast proactive detection and feedback to improve comfort and listening performance
  • Soft Speech Booster LX: Applies required amount of soft gain to increase soft speech understanding
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport: Provides soothing sounds to relieve the uncomfortable effects and symptoms of tinnitus (ringing in ears)


Opn S hearing aids are complemented by a range of accessories to enhance your hearing aid experience. For example:

  • Connect Remote: Easy-to-use hearing aid remote control with large buttons for changing programs and adjusting the volume
  • Connect Clip: Remote control and Bluetooth receiving device that offers a rechargeable battery and allows you to use your cell phone hands-free while also doubling as a hearing aid remote control
  • TV Adaptor 3.0: Streams audio from your TV to your hearing aids so you can hear your favorite shows at a comfortable volume
  • Hearing aid charger: To accompany the rechargeable lithium-ion battery option you enjoy a full day of hearing aid use on one single three-hour charge or six hours of use after a 30-minute charge


  • ConnectClip
  • BrainHearing technology
  • Rechargeable options


  • User may require multiple tunings

If you think you may benefit from a hearing aid or are looking to replace your current device, schedule a consultation with your hearing care professional to find out if the Opn S could benefit you.

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