Dr. Charles-Edouard Sonnet

Audiology Specialist and Trainer

10 years of experience working as Audiologist, specialized in hearing aids for adults and middle ear implants.

Meet our expert: Dr. Charles-Edouard Sonnet

Graduated at Paris CNAM Hearing Aid School, I recently took an Executive-MBA at Paris-Dauphine University.

I worked as Audiologist for 10 years and my main areas of expertise are hearing aids for adults and middle ear implants.

Also, I’ve been trained to realize the right fit customization in audio prosthesis systems with technology such as cochlear implant systems.

I am member of the technical commission for the International Audiology Group, and I work in training programs for Audiology students.

My mission is to train in the best way possible younger audiologists and help them develop their skills.

I am a multi-brand expert, with a wide knowledge of all hearing aid technologies, which I think, it’s an helpful way to find quickly and effectively the best hearing solution for my patients.

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