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Recognizing that as many as 85% of Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss, Philips has continued to develop innovative new models of hearing aids designed to fit your life, as well as your ears.

The Philips HearLink 9010 range uses groundbreaking SoundMap technology to isolate the sounds you want to hear more clearly, even in busy and noisy spaces. Combining industry-leading noise control, amplification and feedback cancellation, Philips HearLink hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles, to suit both your needs and style.

Philips HearLink reviews

The Philips HearLink range offers four distinctly different styles of hearing aid:

  • The miniRITE is designed to be small and discreet, fitting snugly behind your ear and matching your hair color for total camouflage, while offering support for mild to severe hearing loss
  • The miniRITE T comes with two program buttons for easier use and a telecoil, while still having all the color options of the miniRITE and being suitable for most levels of hearing loss
  • The miniRITE T R adds in a rechargeable battery that takes just three hours to reach full charge, via the contact-free charging system and integrated USB port
  • The BTE PP is recommended for severe to profound hearing loss and offers robust support, as well as two program buttons, a telecoil and behind-the-ear fit


At the core of the Philips HearLink range is performance hearing aid technology designed to offer optimum hearing support, while also enhancing your user experience. Key considerations include:

  • SoundMap noise control and amplification that work together to focus on directionality and reducing unwanted noise, particularly in social situations, where amplifying clear speech is a priority
  • SoundMap feedback canceller ensures an almost whistle-free aid
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to link to your smart devices with ease
  • Binaural coordination means that any changes you make to one aid will be automatically replicated in the other
  • Extended dynamic range allows for better clarity of loud noises through an increased input signal range
  • Low frequency enhancement ensures that sounds coming from devices such as televisions and mobile phones are transmitted more clearly
  • Inclusive color range to offer you the most discreet hearing aid possible


The Philips HearLink range has been designed to work with a number of accessories that seek to further improve your user experience:

  • Audio Clip: A small device that can turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset for direct sound streaming from wireless devices including stereos, computers and smartphones, while also giving you remote control functionality and working as a portable microphone that people can speak into directly
  • TV Adapter: This lets you connect directly to a television or audio source using low power, so you can enjoy your leisure time without worrying about battery levels
  • Philips Remote: A small remote control with easy to use volume and program buttons.

Philips HearLink prices

As a premium hearing aid range, you can expect to pay from $1,249.99 for a HearLink device at Costco. Be sure to book a consultation with a specialist to identify the right model of HearLink for you and to understand more about hearing aid costs before you make a purchase.


  • Shaped and colored for discreet use
  • Seamless connectivity to Apple devices
  • A rechargeable battery option is available
  • Feedback is all but a concern of the past


  • Only one model is suitable for those with profound hearing loss
  • Connectivity was designed specifically with Apple devices in mind

Ergonomically shaped, discreet and designed to cater to a wide spectrum of hearing loss, the Philips HearLink range is recommended for good reason. Schedule an evaluation with your hearing professional today and see if the Philips HearLink could be the right choice for you.

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