Hearing aids for musicians

Musicians are nearly four times more likely to develop noise-induced hearing loss (NHL) than non-musicians. They are also 57% more likely to develop tinnitus, or ringing in their ears. Hearing loss among musicians is relatively common as frequent exposure to loud sound can cause irreparable damage to the hair cells located in the inner ear. These delicate hairs act as sensory receptors which are responsible for sending sound to the brain.

Hearing loss and music

If you are a musician and experiencing hearing loss, it is possible to still enjoy playing or listening to music. While hearing aids have long been available to improve hearing, they are traditionally designed to help users hear speech. This can make listening to music difficult because it is limited by the hearing aid frequency response and processed differently than speech. However, the hearing aid market has developed hearing aids to help solve the issue, giving music back to musicians and music lovers living with hearing loss.

Five hearing aids for musicians

Whether you have experienced hearing loss throughout your life or only recently received a diagnosis, hearing aids and amplifiers can enable you to continue to enjoy music. There are many hearing aids available that are ideal for musicians, while so discreet, no one will even know that you are wearing a hearing device.

1. Starkey Muse iQ

This small and discreet hearing aid is customized to fit the wearer's hearing needs to enhance their listening experience. It has been designed to deliver superior sound quality and exceptional listening clarity that feels comfortable and natural. One charge provides more than 30 hours of improved music listening.


  • Focused on music audibility, sound quality, and your loudness preferences
  • Soft music sounds become audible
  • On-demand and automatic control

2. Sound World Solutions Sidekick

The Sidekick is a customizable sound amplifier that includes Bluetooth capability and designed to look like a traditional hearing aid. The hearing aid lasts for up to 18 hours on just one charge before the battery needs recharging and can be easily fine-tuned using the accompanying app.


  • Personalized program available on Sound World Solutions Customizer app
  • Create a customized sound profile by adjusting treble, mid-range and bass frequencies
  • Delivers enhanced sound clarity while reducing ambient noise

3. Neosonic Hearing Amplifier

The Neosonic Hearing Amplifier is a hearing device that offers crystal-clear sound and allows you to listen to high-quality music. It comes in a compact and sleek design with features that reduce background noise, improve sound quality and minimize static and feedback.


  • Eliminates whistling and static
  • Digital CD sound quality with 0.2% harmonic distortion
  • Open fit design

4. EarSpoke Hearing Amplifier

The EarSpoke Hearing Amplifier can connect directly to your phone or tablet, allowing you to adjust the audio settings straight from your device. This hearing device offers four different settings that enable you to listen to music, watch TV, socialize outdoors or in busy restaurants.


  • Compatible with Android or iPhone
  • Programmable to your personal sound preferences
  • Fits either ear

5. Phonak Lyric

Designed for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss, the Phonak hearing aids are invisible and can be worn all day. They provide simple amplification and can help musicians and music lovers naturally capture sounds.


  • Sits deep in the ear canal to deliver a clear natural sound
  • Can be adjusted with the SoundLync tool which adjusts volume and other settings

Whether you are a musician or music lover, it can be very difficult to come to terms with the realization that you’ve lost your hearing and will need to wear hearing aids. However, an increasing number of today’s hearing aids work effectively to bring more sound into your life and help to enhance your music listening experience.

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