Oticon Xceed

Oticon is a Danish hearing aid brand that has been designing and developing hearing solutions for more than 115 years. Today, Oticon is one of the biggest names in the hearing aid market and responsible for introducing some of the most advanced hearing technology in the world which has been responsible for transforming the lives of people with hearing loss.

Oticon’s innovative ‘brain first’ technology’ recognizes that our ability to understand and comprehend speech are both cognitive processes that happen in the brain. Oticon’s BrainHearing technology enables hearing aid users to not only hear better but do so with less effort by giving the brain the purest and clearest sounds for it to decode.

Oticon Xceed hearing aid

Oticon took its decades of experience creating some of the most advanced hearing technology and combined this with extensive research which included contributions from hearing care professionals to create its most powerful hearing aid yet, the Xceed.

The Xceed has been built on Oticon’s most powerful platform to create a hearing a hearing aid that delivers a complete, 360-degree sound experience. The Oticon Xceed provides significantly better speech understanding combined with less listening effort to make a more comfortable hearing experience.

The Xceed’s incredibly fast OpenSound Navigator technology will constantly analyze the sound environment, up to 100 times per second, to support the way the brain would naturally make sense of sound.


The Oticon Xceed has been designed in a choice of eight colors and comes in two behind-the-ear (BTE) models:

  • Xceed BTE SP (Superpower): For severe to profound hearing loss
  • Xceed BTE UP (Ultra power): Provides maximum power for profound hearing loss

BrainHearing technology

The Xceed’s built-in BrainHearing technology analyses sound from all directions while also being able to differentiate between speech and background noise. This enables you to quickly and easily identify the source of sounds for a more natural and complete listening experience while also helping you to remember much more of what has been said.

Xceed features and performance

Powered by the advanced Velox S platform, the Xceed is available in three technology levels: Xceed 1 (premium), Xceed 2, and Xceed 3 (most basic model). With built-in Bluetooth technology, the Xceed hearing aids are Made-for-iPhone devices and are available with Telecoil and Tinnitus SoundSupport to offer relief for symptoms of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Other features and benefits of the Xceed include:

  • Ultra-fast processing with 1.2 million operations per second
  • High resolution 24 bit sound processor
  • 64 frequency channels
  • 11 core chip-set technology
  • Acoustic measurements – 56,000 per second
  • Environmental sound analysis – 100 times per second
  • 360° access to speech with less effort
  • Eliminates acoustic feedback
  • Easy wireless connectivity to many devices

Xceed Accessories

Oticon’s hearing aid accessories have been designed to complement the Xceed hearing aid range and help to improve the clarity of speech even in the most challenging of settings. For instance:

  • Connect-Clip: Streams audio from non-Apple smartphones directly to hearing aids
  • TV Streamer 3: Provides direct streaming of TV audio to your hearing aids
  • Landline Phone adapter: Streams your landline calls via the Connect-Clip accessory
  • Remote control 3.0: Designed for people who don’t have access to the smartphone app

Oticon Xceed price

How much you can expect to pay for an Xceed hearing aid will largely depend on the technology level you opt for. Your hearing care professional will be able to advise you as to which Xceed style and technology level would be most beneficial for you.


  • Powerful device
  • Superior sound quality with less listening effort
  • Connects to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and devices
  • Suitable for even profound hearing loss


  • No rechargeable option available

If you think you could benefit from wearing a hearing aid or are looking to upgrade your current hearing aid, schedule a consultation with your hearing care professional to find out more about the Oticon Xceed and whether it might help you.

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