Oticon Hearing Aids

The founding of hearing aid manufacturer Oticon is quite a heartwarming story. 


Times per second in which an Oticon hearing aid scans the environment

The company was established in 1904 by Hans Demant, to create a hearing aid for his wife. He must have succeeded, because today Oticon, now owned by parent company William Demant Holdings, is one of the largest hearing aid companies in the world. Let’s take a dive into a few Oticon hearing aid reviews and see if an Oticon hearing aid is the right choice for you.

Oticon Hearing Aid Features

Oticon hearing aid prices are high (you can expect to pay up to $3,000 per hearing aid), but they come with some top-of-the-line features that make them well worth the price. Oticon makes a range of hearing aid styles, from behind the ear (BTE) and mini-BTE to in-the-ear, half shell, full shell, receiver-in-canal, and in-the-canal hearing aids.

Oticon’s flagship models – the Oticon Opn S, Oticon Opn Play, and the Oticon Opn – all feature BrainHearing technology, including:

  • OpenSound Optimizer technology, which scans the environment 56,000 times a second, providing directional sound delivery close to what you’d hear with full hearing.
  • Spatial Sound LX, which transmits data between both hearing aids to improve your ability to localize sounds.
  • Speech Guard LX, which isolates speech for better understanding and communication, even in noisy environments.

Oticon also offers the ConnectClip, a small device that wirelessly connects to hearing aids, allowing you to stream audio from phones, music players, and television. Compatible with Android and Apple phones, the ConnectClip makes hands-free phone conversations possible.

Oticon Hearing Aid Reviews

The Oticon Opn S

The Oticon Opn S is arguably the most feature-laden hearing aid offered by the company, with full BrainHearing capabilities. The Opn S comes both in a regular-sized behind-the-ear style and as a discreet receiver-in-canal style called the miniRITE.

Feedback is rarely an issue with an Opn S, as the OpenSound Optimizer predicts and prevents feedback before it occurs. The aid’s batteries are rechargeable, with a full charge capable of powering the device for a full day.

Settings are easily altered using the Oticon ON app, which doubles as a smart home hub, allowing you to connect the hearing aid to smart home devices. This allows you to control lights with your voice or receive an alert through your hearing aid when laundry or dishwasher cycles are complete. 

The Oticon Opn

Compared to the Oticon Opn S, the Oticon Opn feels a little dated. The hearing aid does have Bluetooth connectivity and simplified versions of BrainHearing and ConnectClip, which still produce excellent sound quality. Most wearers who haven’t experienced the Oticon Opn S will be quite happy with the Opn’s performance.

Like the Opn S, the Opn comes with a smartphone app for setting controls and can be used as a smart home hub. The Opn comes with rechargeable batteries and includes HearingFitness, a feature that analyzes hearing aid usage and environmental factors to display when and how you use the device, allowing you to fine-tune hearing aid settings. 

The Oticon Opn Play

Designed for children, the Oticon Opn Play is a sturdy hearing aid available in a wide range of kid-friendly colors. While the Opn Play lacks some of the features of the Opn and Opn S, it’s tough enough to survive the playground and resists the damaging effects of dust, water, humidity, and temperature extremes.

The battery case of the Opn Play is difficult to access. This is an intentional feature, as it reduces the risk children will remove batteries. A light on the hearing aid case notifies adults when battery power is low.

The Oticon Opn Play is also compatible with Amigo FM, a simplified version of the ConnectClip that can be clipped to teachers to stream lessons straight into hearing aids.

The bright color options of the Opn Play appeal to children. Children are more likely to use hearing aids that come in colors they like, and bright colors make the hearing aids more visible.

At $2,300 per hearing aid, the Oticon Opn Play is cheaper than other Oticon BTE devices, and they include features like child-proof batteries and added FM functionality. Overall, the Opn Play is a good choice for a child’s hearing aid.

Oticon Hearing Aid Prices

Oticon hearing aid prices are high, but comparable to other hearing aids of similar quality. Remember, these prices are only estimates. When purchasing hearing aids from healthcare professionals, additional costs (such as fittings and battery charging hubs) may be a factor in the final price. 

Oticon Opn: $2,500 per ear
Oticon Opn S: $3,000 per ear
Oticon Opn Play:
$2,300 per ear

Pros and Cons of Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aid reviews are, for the most part, positive. Some users report that the Opn S suffers occasional sound outages, but this is generally due to ear wax build-up which is common in all hearing aids. As with all hearing-related issues, it’s best to work with a licensed hearing care professional to discover the best hearing aid options for you or your child.

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