Widex Evoke

Widex was founded in Denmark in 1956 and has since developed a reputation for being an innovative hearing brand and the first to launch a fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid. Widex hearing aids offer superior sound quality and features designed to make a real difference to hearing aid users.

Wide Evoke hearing aid

Today, hearing aids offer far more than simply just improved hearing. When Widex released its Evoke hearing aid range it signaled a new era for the hearing aid market. The Evoke hearing aids are the first devices to offer intelligent hearing by using machine learning to monitor how people use their hearing aids and process this data to better understand what settings suit different sound situations. As more people use technology, the more accurate the findings will be. This will then feed into new settings which will be released as software updates so the Evoke hearing aids will continuously improve as time goes on.

Widex Evoke hearing aid reviews

The Widex Evoke took the brand’s existing sound class technology and expanded it to include music and social classes. This came in response to what Widex saw as the change requirements of hearing aid users. The hearing aid range also features comfort and impact programs to assist with hearing in more challenging situations. Widex Evoke reviews are very positive, especially for the hearing aid’s SoundSense Learn technology that customizes the sound settings within any type of listening environment in real-time.

There are 11 hearing aid styles in the Evoke range which offer different features, technology levels, and color options:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE): Seven Evoke BTE hearing aids available in 10 to 13 Widex Evoke colors
  • In-the-ear (ITE): Four ITE styles of Evoke hearing aids that are custom-made to fit comfortably in your ear. Each ITE style offers three choices of colors

Widex Evoke features

Evoke hearing aids come with a variety of innovative features that are aimed to improve your hearing and hearing aid user experience. For example:

  • SoundSense Learn: Enables your devices to help you enjoy better hearing by fine-tuning your hearing aid experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Hearing aids connect wirelessly to your smartphone to control your hearing aids and stream audio directly to your hearing aids
  • Evoke and Tonelink app: Both apps let you control your hearing aids from your smartphone
  • Rechargeability: Some styles of Evoke hearing aids are rechargeable
  • Fluid Sound Analyzer: Hearing aids will analyze your environment and create a sound map to improve your suggested hearing aid settings
  • Location-based programming: Create listening programs based on certain locations such as your home, workplace or restraint for example
  • Zen Fractal Technology: Certain models include Widex’s tinnitus (ringing in ears) relief technology which produces soothing sounds to mask the symptoms of tinnitus


Evoke hearing aid are designed to be compatible with DEX accessories including:

  • FM+DEX and COM-DEX: Hands-free audio streaming
  • RC-DEX: Hearing aid remote control
  • RC-DEX Remote Mic: For clear sound streaming from up to 80 feet away
  • TV-DEX and TV Play: Streams TV audio for you to listen directly through your hearing aids
  • UNI-DEX: Connects to any device with a jack output for streaming audio to your Evoke hearing aids
  • PHONE-DEX 2: Cordless phone that streams calls to your hearing aids

Widex Evoke cost

The cost of Evoke hearing aids will depend on the technology level you choose and where you purchase the hearing aids from. Your hearing care professional will be able to advise you on which Evoke device is best for you and provide you with an up-to-date Widex Evoke price list.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Evoke range offers cutting-edge hearing technology and a variety of color options in the BTE model, however, this does lead to the hearing aid being considerably more expensive than other hearing devices.

If you are looking for a new hearing aid, schedule a consultation with your hearing care professional to find out more about the Widex Evoke.

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