Signia Silk Nx

Launched in 2016, the Signia hearing aid brand is part of the Sivantos Group, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids. Since its launch, Signia hearing aids have quickly become increasingly popular, offering cutting-edge technology in a discreet and sleek design. Signia has been able to take advantage of this technology to create the Signia Silk Nx hearing aid range.

As one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, the Signia Silk Nx is an incredibly discreet completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid that becomes invisible when in the ear. To produce the Silk Nx, an impression is taken of your ear to create a 3D-printed or hand-made hearing aid shell. This shell houses the electronic and hearing aid components. There is no fitting process required with the Silk Nx, the soft-silicone sleeves the device uses are molded to the contours of your ear canals. This means your hearing aids can be fitted into your ear canal immediately. The Silk Nx by Signia comes in three different technology levels to suit different hearing needs, tech preferences and budgets:

  • Basic: Silk Nx 3Nx
  • Mid-range: Silk Nx 5Nx
  • Premium: Silk Nx 7Nx

Silk Nx hearing aid range

Despite it being packed with the latest hearing aid technology and innovative features, the Signia Silk is incredibly small and up to 20% smaller than its predecessor, the Signia Silk Primax. The Silk Nx has Ultra HD e2e which enables a pair of hearing aids to equally share audio and data between them while being able to fully optimize the listening experience, even in noisy settings.

The Silk Nx range is also the first hearing aids with the ability to process the wearer’s voice separately from everything else, giving a much more natural and comfortable sound. The Silk Nx is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing it to connect with smartphones and Bluetooth devices, while it’s the only CIC device that offers CROS (Contra-lateral Routing of Signal) for people with hearing loss in one ear that cannot be helped by the use of a hearing aid.

The Signia Silk Nx price varies depending on where you purchase the hearing aids. However, you can expect to pay upwards from $1,399.


Signia has created a range of accessories and apps to accompany its Signia Nx range. This includes:

  • miniPocket: Keyring-sized remote control app for discreetly and conveniently controlling your hearing aids without needing to use a smartphone or large remote control
  • Click Sleeves: Provides improved feedback stability, wearing comfort and retention together with instant fitting. Disposable soft silicone Click Sleeves provides comfort and retention of the hearing aid in the ear. Available in close and vented options
  • touchControl: A phone app that acts as a discreet hearing aid remote control


  • Uses size 10 hearing aid batteries
  • Ultra HD e2e for quality speech understanding and a natural sound
  • Click sleeves for easy fit
  • Binaural OneMic directionality
  • Uses OVP (Own Voice Processing) to recognize your voice to deliver a natural own voice impression
  • Connects directly to smartphones and TVs for high-quality direct audio streaming
  • Red for right and blue for left color coding to ensure you always put the hearing aids in the correct ear
  • Incorporates tinnitus masking technology to relieve tinnitus (ringing in the ears) symptoms

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Ideal if you struggle to hear conversations when there is background noise
  • Small and discreet, it’s almost impossible to see when worn
  • Instant fit design for immediate, hassle-free wear thanks to soft silicone Click Sleeves
  • Microphones sit in the ear canal so users can wear over-ear headphones and use their phone in the same way


  • Doesn’t support streaming from phone calls, TV and music
  • May not be suitable if you have severe to profound hearing loss
  • Small size can make the hearing aid difficult to handle
  • May not suit the shape of your ears and feel uncomfortable

If you are concerned about your hearing or think you might benefit from wearing a Signia Silk Nx hearing aid, then schedule a consultation with your hearing care professional and they will be able to discuss your options with you.

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