What to expect at your hearing aid fitting

A hearing aid fitting checks the fit and function of the hearing aid you ordered after your hearing aid test. During a hearing aid fit, a licensed hearing care professional will check the physical fit of your hearing aid and adjust the amplification to provide you with the best possible aided hearing.  

Before the fitting

Before your hearing aid fitting appointment , you will first have a hearing test to determine the degree and type of hearing loss you are experiencing.  This test determines the degree and configuration (low frequency/high frequency) of your hearing loss. These results help decide if hearing aids are appropriate for you and, if so, how much amplification is needed to correct your hearing loss.


After the hearing test, you’ll have a second appointment known as a hearing aid evaluation (this appointment is often combined with the hearing test). During your evaluation, your hearing care professional will ask about your lifestyle, the types of sound you’re regularly exposed to, and what you expect from your hearing aid. They may allow you to use a demonstration model of various hearing aids either in the office or on a trial basis at home to determine what’s the best fit for you.

Once you order your hearing aids, earmolds will be made of your ear canal (if needed for the style of hearing aid you chose). It may take two weeks for your hearing aids to arrive, after which you make an appointment for a hearing aid fit. 

What are real aid measurements?

To ensure your hearing aids provide the correct amplification, your hearing care professional will take Real Aid Measurements. A very thin tube attached to a microphone is inserted into the ear that allows them to measure sound in the ear canal. Your hearing aids are worn and turned on during this process so they can adjust the programming as needed to ensure they’re accurately fitted and provide the correct amount of amplification.

Different sounds are played that range from very soft to very loud while taking measurements. This is done for three purposes:

  • To ensure the audibility of quiet sounds
  • To ensure moderate sounds are heard at a comfortable level
  • To set the hearing aid so loud sounds are limited to avoid discomfort 

Real Aid Measurements are an essential part of your hearing aid fit. Without these measurements, it’s impossible to tell if the hearing aid has been properly programmed or needs further adjustment. These measurements should be performed at all hearing aid fittings so make sure to ask your hearing care professional about them at your appointment. 

Care and cleaning of your hearing aid

Once your hearing aids are accurately fitted, your hearing care professional will show you how to care for your new hearing aids. You’ll learn how to keep the hearing aids clean and how to change or charge the hearing aid batteries.

Depending on the model of hearing aid you chose, you might have access to features such as audio streaming or Bluetooth. You’ll learn how to use these features during your fitting appointment. You’ll also receive a wearing schedule to help you gradually adapt to using your hearing aids. Feel free to ask questions during your hearing aid fit.

You’ll receive a follow-up call from your hearing care professional a few days after your hearing aid fit to check on how well you’re adapting to your new hearing and to see if the devices need additional adjustments. Fine-tuning hearing aids takes time, and you may need a second or third adjustment to program them to your satisfaction. It’s often helpful to keep a journal of your first few weeks wearing hearing aids so you can make note of specific situations and environments where you’re having trouble hearing.

It takes time to get used to hearing aids, but with the help of your hearing care team, you’ll adapt to your new hearing quickly, and be able to experience a fuller range of sound than you did before.

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