Leading Hearing Aid Brands: The Features, Costs and Appeals

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EarPros was brought to life to give you direct access to affordable hearing aids and related services. Our range of hearing aid brands include Phonak, ReSound, Signia and Unitron.

Hearing loss affects a significant portion of the population. Maintaining good hearing is essential for your overall health and well-being. It is crucial to recognize the importance of wearing high-quality hearing devices. However, many people who would benefit from hearing aids do not qualify for government-subsidized hearing care.

Do you want to start you journey with Hearing Aids?

If that’s you, you’ll find yourself having to make the most crucial decision for your hearing health on your own: Choosing the suitable device for your needs and preferences - and one that doesn’t break the bank at that. The question is, how do you access affordable hearing aids that meet your needs if you’re self-financing?

Decent hearing aids can be quite an investment. To make things harder, there are many hearing aids brands and models available on the market. Choosing the right one to invest in can be tricky - particularly if you lack the proper guidance of an experienced hearing care professional. Whilst affordability is important, so is quality service, trust and confidence in the product. Due to the vast features available, never has good advice been more important when matching a hearing aid to your lifestyle budget and hearing loss.

EarPros Hearing Aids offer hearing aids from world-leading brands at the guaranteed lowest prices in Australia. Below, we will break down their features to aid you in your decision making. Continue reading to learn more about the leading hearing aid brands available through EarPros’ Hearing Aid!

The EarPros' Range Of Hearing Aid Brands: Phonak, ReSound, Signia and Unitron


Phonak is one of the better-known hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1947 in Switzerland, Phonak quickly became a market leader and innovator, known for the early development of electronic hearing aids.

As an EarPros hearing aid manufacturer of choice, Phonak creates hearing aids for all types of hearing loss. Their features go far beyond simple amplification and include Bluetooth technology, hands-free calling, rechargeable batteries and at-home adjustments to help you make lost sounds audible again.

Phonak hearing aids are “smart” in the truest sense of the word and automatically recognise and adapt to your environment. The newest devices can emphasise sounds coming from specific directions, differentiate between types of sound, and even reduce unwanted noises.

Must-Have Features
  • Phonak hearing aids cater to first-timers, experienced children and teens, and older hearing aid users.
  • The latest models can connect to smartphones and TVs, providing audio streaming from countless devices and can make hands-free calls.
  • The majority of available Phonak hearing aids have Bluetooth options
  • Approximately one-third of Phonak devices are rechargeable. A full charge takes, on average, three hours. Batteries are expected to last up to six years.
  • The MyPhonak App allows you to access remote support from anywhere, anytime, should you need help adjusting the volume and other settings of your Phonak hearing aid.


Phonak hearing aid prices range from $1,186 to $2,999. For the best deals, contact EarPros Hearing Aid today.

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The Danish company ReSound has been manufacturing industry-leading hearing aids since 1943. Pioneers across many fronts, ReSound achieved many noteworthy firsts in the hearing aid industry: From being a pioneer in 2.4 GHz wireless streaming technology to being the first hearing aid brand to offer Made-for-iPhone hearing aids.

ReSound hearing aids are known to quickly adapt to different sound environments. Internal signals that vary from individual to individual deliver the most natural-sounding speech and audio enriched with depth and variation. 

ReSound focuses on offering a variety of hearing aids suited to a multitude of lifestyles. They also have plenty of options depending on how visible or invisible you want your hearing aid to be.

Must-Have Features

  • ReSound hearing aids are custom-fitted and programmed by your Audiologist
  • The newest models offer advanced noise reduction technology and automatically adapt to changing environments.
  • ReSound hearing aids are available with a range of accessories, including the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ and the ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2.
  • Most devices now include the option to stream music, calls or the TV via Bluetooth.
  • ReSound offers behind-the-ear and in-ear options with a range of “invisible hearing aids”. 
  • The majority of hearing aids are rechargeable.


ReSound hearing aids will cost you anywhere between $1,269 to $3,500. For the best deals on ReSound devices, contact EarPros Hearing Aid today.

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Signia is known to make life sound a little more brilliant. Until 2015, Signia hearing aids were manufactured by Siemens, which had been developing analog hearing aids for decades. Siemens in fact, invented the first hearing devices for employees in 1910.  A pioneer in miniaturisation and all things digital, Siemens naturally quickly became a force to be reckoned with. In 2004, the company was the first to introduce wireless ear-to-ear connectivity.

Nowadays, Signia hearing aids are ideal for both experienced and first time hearing aid wearers. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Signia devices produce the best hearing results for all users, regardless of their hearing loss type or degree. Designed to improve speech understanding, Signia AX, and Augmented Focus help you communicate in the most challenging listening environments.

Must-Have Features

  • Approximately two-thirds of Signia hearing aids now have bluetooth compatibility to connect hearing aids to mobile phones and TVs.
  • One-third of Signia devices come with rechargeable batteries.
  • The Signia App allows you to communicate with your hearing specialist, make adjustments and resolve any issues remotely.
  • Signia hearing aids are custom fit and feature Own Voice Processing technology for a truly customised sound experience.


Signia hearing aid prices range from $823 to $2,757. For the best deals on Signia hearing aids, contact EarPros Hearing Aid today.

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A reputable Canadian hearing aid brand owned by the Swisse Sonova, Unitron has many fans in the global hearing loss community. The company has been designing and manufacturing hearing aids for more than half a century. A long-standing leader in in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid designs, Unitron products combine aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality.

Whilst their hearing aid product line is less extensive than its competitors’, Unitron gains the trust and confidence of customers by continuously delivering personalised hearing experiences in any situation. Their success is powered by binaural communication technology and automatic sound performance optimisation, making them an affordable alternative to other big-name brands.

Must-Have Features

  • All Unitron hearing aids available through EarPros are Bluetooth compatible.
  • The majority of Unitron devices feature rechargeable batteries.
  • Unitron is known to cater hearing aid designs to the user. 
  • Their hearing aids are celebrated as the most comfortable devices.
  • Unitron hearing aids are available in many invisible options and a range of discrete colours.


Unitron hearing aids cost between $1,113 to $2,620. For the best deals on Unitron devices in Australia, contact EarPros Hearing Aid today.

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