Oticon Real hearing aids

Oticon Real hearing aids boast advanced technology that accurately recognizes and delivers the true essence of various sounds, allowing you to experience life's authentic auditory richness

Oticon Real models

Oticon Real is available in three tech, here's the comparison:

  • Oticon Real 1 (Premium) boasts the most robust features, ideal for navigating complex settings such as bustling restaurants and travel adventures.
  • Oticon Real 2 (Advanced) maintains robust features but sacrifices a few more advanced options, making it efficient in managing background noise.
  • Oticon Real 3 (Standard) stands as Oticon's budget-friendly choice, perfect for individuals leading a quieter lifestyle or frequently engaging in small group settings.

Comparing models: Oticon Real 1 vs 2

The Oticon Real 1 and Oticon Real 2 hearing aids are among the innovative hearing solutions from the renowned manufacturer Oticon. The main differences between the two models lie in the technological features and the individual fitting options.

In general, the Oticon Real 1 model offers enhanced functionality, including more advanced noise reduction technologies, improved connectivity options and possibly additional customization options for individual hearing needs. Both models are designed to ensure an optimal hearing experience and meet the individual needs of users. When deciding between Oticon Real 1 and Oticon Real 2, it is advisable to seek professional advice to best suit the user's specific requirements and preferences.

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What is the cost of Oticon Real hearing aids?

Discover the range of Oticon Real hearing aids, offering prices that vary from $1,000 to $5,000 per pair. Among the lineup, Oticon Real 1 stands out as the premium choice, positioned as the most expensive option within this innovative range. These prices reflect the commitment to providing users with cutting-edge technology and advanced features for a superior auditory experience. Explore the diverse options within the Oticon Real series to find the ideal solution that aligns with both your hearing needs and budget considerations.

Comparing hearing aids: Oticon Real vs More

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Oticon Real hearing aids build on the success of Oticon More, enhancing key features such as Bluetooth, artificial intelligence, Deep Neural Network, BrainHearing technology, and waterproofing. Powered by the advanced Polaris R chip, Real addresses common pain points for users, focusing on sudden, disruptive sounds that often bother 7 out of 10 hearing aid users. This includes issues like abrupt soft and loud sounds, unpredictable noises like wind, and handling noise such as hair or fingers touching the hearing aids. These improvements are part of the innovative RealSound technology, delivering a more comfortable and tailored hearing experience.

Features of Oticon Real

Designed to support the brain's natural sound processing, Oticon Real ensures better access to the complete sound scene, enhancing awareness, engagement, and focus in the real world. This section delves into the remarkable features of Oticon Real, showcasing how it goes beyond conventional hearing aid capabilities to elevate your hearing to new heights:

1. BrainHering


The brain is a crucial player in the realm of hearing. Scientific studies emphasize that for the brain to comprehend sounds naturally, it requires access to the complete auditory environment.

Oticon Real functions in a manner akin to your brain, having learned from real-world experiences. The incorporation of BrainHearing technology ensures that your brain gains access to virtually all sounds in the real world. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in the effort required for listening, allowing you to remain engaged, focused, and aware of your surroundings.

2. RealSound Technology


Fueled by the advanced Polaris R platform, Oticon Real incorporates RealSound Technology, crafted to provide a gateway to the genuine sounds of everyday life. Experience heightened access to speech and unparalleled speech clarity, enabling you to engage in conversations with heightened awareness, focus, and control. The Wind & Handling Stabilizer feature effectively diminishes wind and handling noise, a proven asset in enhancing speech clarity even in windy conditions. Additionally, it efficiently minimizes distracting handling noise, such as your hair or glasses touching the hearing aid.

3. Different styles


Oticon Real showcases a unique and sophisticated design, offering a range of options to suit individual preferences. Available in four styles, nine colors, and with two charger choices:

  • Oticon Real miniRITE T style ensures hassle-free, instant battery replacement with disposable batteries
  • For those who prefer rechargeable options, the miniRITE R style supports overnight charging or on-the-go charging using the SmartCharger
  • Meanwhile, the miniBTE T style is designed for those who favor disposable batteries
  • Finally, the miniBTE R option is available for the convenience of a rechargeable hearing aid

4. Connectivity to the digital world


Oticon seamlessly connects you to the digital soundscape, enhancing your hearing experience. Explore the intricacies of the advanced connectivity features, designed to harmonize with the demands of the modern world:

  • Oticon Real pairs with Apple devices (iPhone and iPad), serving as a wireless headset for hands-free phone and video calls on select devices. It streams audio directly from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and certain Android devices, offering high-quality listening experiences.
  • Plus, it easily connects to your TV using Oticon's TV Adapter for direct sound streaming.
  • It is compatible with Oticon ConnectClip and Edumic remote microphones, facilitating wireless streaming of voices directly to your hearing aids.
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Oticon hearing aids

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5. Rechargeability

Phonak Lumity has two different charging options depending on the device and personal needs:

  • SmartCharger: Revitalize your hearing aids on the move with a built-in power bank, ensuring they stay dry and secure in a sophisticated case when not in use. A mere 3-hour charge fully empowers your hearing aids, allowing you to navigate through the day seamlessly. Moreover, a swift 30-minute charge grants an extra 6 hours of power.
  • Desktop charger: For a consistent daily power supply, the desktop charger stands as a reliable companion. Its user-friendly design ensures convenience – just place your hearing aids in the charger at night for a full day's worth of power. Embrace a sustainable approach as the absence of disposable batteries minimizes hassle and waste. A rapid 30-minute recharge provides an additional 6 hours of power, ensuring you're always prepared.

The enhanced features of Oticon Real hearing aids

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The MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 ensures access to all relevant environmental sounds and now incorporates the Wind & Handling Stabilizer, offering users a more comfortable listening experience. With wireless connections, the MoreSound Amplifier 2.0 boasts the SuddenSound Stabilizer, providing precise and balanced amplification of significant sounds. This innovative feature detects and controls soft and loud sudden sounds instantly, ensuring audibility without discomfort. Additionally, the OpenSound Optimizer within the MoreSound Optimizer proactively detects and prevents feedback, ensuring optimal gain throughout the day. These advancements collectively contribute to a more refined and tailored auditory experience for users.

Pros and cons of Oticon Real

Oticon Real hearing aid offers cutting-edge technology and advanced features, but potential users should consider the pros and cons to make the right purchase:


The Oticon Real Hearing Aid integrates advanced technology for improved hearing, featuring noise reduction and speech enhancement for a clearer and more natural auditory experience. With customizable fittings catering to individual needs, it ensures a comfortable and effective hearing aid experience. Its discreet design adds appeal, making it less noticeable for those who prefer a subtle appearance in their hearing aids.


While the Oticon Real offers advanced features, it comes with potential drawbacks. The higher cost may limit accessibility for some users. Additionally, some individuals may find it takes time to become familiar with the various settings and functionalities. Limited availability, dependent on location and distribution channels, could pose challenges for those seeking this specific model.

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