Bernafon Hearing Aids: Prices, Models & Accessories

Bernafon is an independent business unit of Demant, which makes Bernafon hearing aids. Founded in Bern, Switzerland, for more than 70 years it has been providing an extensive range of hearing aids, fitting software, connectivity devices and apps.

Along with its 20 subsidiaries, Bernafon sells hearing aids globally in 70 countries. With the support of Demant’s industry-leading R&D facilities, Bernafon produces devices which provide clear, natural sound and give optimal speech understanding in noisy environments. The company empowers people to communicate more effectively and enhances their hearing using cutting-edge technology and wireless connectivity.

You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed wearing Bernafon hearing aids. Built with an ergonomic and discreet design, they are easy to use and made to last. Choose from a range of different colours, shapes and find a pair that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Bernafon hearing aid models

Bernafon hearing aids provide value for money with stylish, subtle and inexpensive designs. They offer natural sound quality and reduce acoustic feedback. Choose from seven different performance categories with features and prices to suit all budgets.

Bernafon offers three types of hearing aid to suit your needs and lifestyle.

BTE hearing aids: made to sit comfortably behind the ear, these powerful devices are available for people with mild to profound hearing loss. A transparent tube connects a plastic case to a customised ear mould which sits inside the outer ear.

ITE hearing aids: In the ear hearing aids fit in the ear canal and are the most discreet available. Suitable for those with mild to severe hearing loss, they are custom moulded to fit your ear, ensuring they are comfortable and inconspicuous.

RITE hearing aids: receiver in the ear solutions take the best of BTEs and ITEs and combine them into a solution that provides power and subtlety.

Bernafon hearing aid reviews

Bernafon has created a broad range of hearing instruments for people with mild to profound hearing loss. Choose from the entry-level Bernafon Carista 3 Nano Rite to the mid-range Bernafon Acriva hearing aids and the high-performance Bernafon Leox 7 SP UP power aid.

Making best use of the latest technology, Bernafon’s hearing aids enhance your hearing and interact with other devices with wireless connectivity, making your life easier.


The Bernafon Zerena Costco range amplifies sound to enhance speech and hearing in busy environments. Their excellent sound quality, ease of use and comfortable style will impress music lovers. Great for active wearers, they also provide excellent sound quality.


A very affordable range, the Saphira uses the latest technology to provide adaptive noise reduction. With specific wind-noise reduction capabilities, Saphira hearing aids stop noise disruption caused by wind. They also use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to other devices.


If you’re a music lover, the Viron range is the one for you. Premium technology makes this Bernafon's first True Environment Processing hearing aid. It improves speech understanding, reduces listening effort and enhances musical experiences. Viron hearing aids provide an experience as close to reality as you can get.


An entry-level hearing aid range for mild to severe hearing loss, the Nevara offers ChannelFree technology and background noise reduction. Comfortable and easy to use, binaural coordination links the hearing aids so you can change the volume and settings seamlessly.


The features and accessories of the Juna range put it firmly in the high-end category. Perfect for those who live an energetic lifestyle, the noise reduction feature gives a better hearing experience as it compresses non-speech sounds. Their natural sound and quality will impress you.


The Leox is a range for those with severe to profound hearing loss. It has exceptional amplification power to provide sounds perception that's as close to reality as you can get. Powered by the world's first True Environment Processing technology, it offers exceptional flexibility and comes with the latest wireless technology.


Bernafon provides a range of accessories for your hearing aids. From day-to-day items such as Bernafon batteries and cleaning materials to technology-powered devices that connect you to the world.

Sound Clip A: hands-free streaming from your phone and other Bluetooth devices.

TV-A: a TV adaptor that streams superior quality sound directly to your Viron, Leox or Zerena hearing aids.

RC-A remote control: allows you to adjust volume and programs discretely.

Easy Control-A app offers multi-functionality for maximum convenience.

Hearing aid prices

The price of Bernafon hearing aids depends on several variables, including the technology used in the devices, which model you buy and its features. Prices for a single hearing aid start at $1,500 and you can around $6,000 for a high-end model. The average price of a pair of hearing aids is $4,600.

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