Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aids

Phonak Audéo Lumity presents notable technological enhancements, particularly in sound quality and user experience. The emphasis on speech clarity is a primary focus. This innovative technology is geared towards enhancing speech understanding, allowing users to engage in conversations seamlessly, even in challenging listening environments. 

Phonak Lumity: receiver in the canal models

The current lineup of Phonak Lumity hearing aids is accessible within the Audéo range, featuring the receiver in the canal models

This category comprises three distinct models

  • Phonak Audéo L-R: built-in rechargeable battery for a worry-free experience. This device is ideal for those with mild to profound hearing loss. In addition, it offers detailed data tracking related to hearing health. Enjoy seamless connectivity with iOS and Android devices, along with the convenience of touch control via Tap Control.
  • Phonak Audéo L-RT: the features are the same as the Audéo L-R but it presents also a telecoil for an enhanced hearing experience.
  • Phonak Audéo Life Lumity: represents the next evolution as the second generation of the world's first water-resistant rechargeable hearing instrument. This hearing solution is the perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle who subject their hearing instruments to various challenges: it is water resistant, sweat resistant and offers detailed data tracking related to hearing health.

Each of the three models ensures a full day of battery life. Even if you engage in a 4-hour daily streaming session, you'll still have 16 hours of battery life. Should you require additional power or forget to charge them overnight, a brief 15-minute charge will provide an extra three hours of battery life. Furthermore, these devices can go from completely depleted to fully charged in just 3 hours.

Phonak CROS Lumity for unilateral hearing loss

Phonak CROS Lumity is a solution for those with unaidable hearing loss in one ear.

How does it work? the CROS device, which is worn on the unaidable ear, picks up sounds and voices and transmits them wirelessly to the hearing aid, and the Phonak rechargeable hearing aid, receives the signal from the unaidable ear and reproduces it in the normal-hearing ear. CROS isn't a hearing device by itself; it moves sound from one ear to the other. To make it work, you need a suitable hearing aid on your better ear to pick up the transferred sound. The Phonak Lumity CROS specifically works with Phonak Audéo Lumity, Naída Lumity PR, and Sky Lumity PR hearing aids.

Four different technology levels

Additionally, the Audéo Lumity series is offered across four varying technology levels: L30, L50, L70 and Audéo L90. Presently, these models are exclusively available in rechargeable formats, with no disposable battery options offered. 

The Phonak Audéo Lumity L30 model is the cheapest one but has the fewest features, the price gets higher and higher with the L50 and L70 until it gets to the most expensive which is the L90 model. Certain enhancements in the Lumity product range are exclusive to the Lumity L90 and L70 tiers. As you descend through the technology levels, the availability of features and customization options gradually decreases. Potential buyers have several options to choose from based on budget and personal needs, obviously L90 and L70 models are the most complete ones in terms of functionalities.

What is the price of Phonak Lumity L90?

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Phonak Lumity L90 incorporates telecoil technology, enabling seamless connectivity with sound systems in public spaces. Additionally, they come equipped with AutoSense OS 5.0 technology, an intelligent operating system employing machine learning to assist wearers in swiftly identifying their listening environment and adjusting to ambient sounds. Furthermore, the inclusion of SmartSpeech facilitates connectivity with Roger microphone accessories, offering advanced features for an enhanced auditory experience.

The cost of this hearing aid, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per pair, reflects its high-tech features and capabilities.

Comparing hearing aids: Phonak Lumity vs Paradise

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In 2020, Phonak unveiled Paradise, a breakthrough that allowed simultaneous pairing with up to 8 Bluetooth devices. Building on this success, Phonak introduced its latest range, Lumity, in 2022, featuring all-day rechargeable batteries, an accelerometer for motion sensing, tap controls, and enhanced speech clarity in noisy environments.

Expanding the Lumity hearing aid family in 2023, Phonak introduced the waterproof rechargeable model, Phonak Lumity Life, the health-tracking, heart rate rechargeable model, Phonak Lumity Fit, and the Phonak Lumity CROS for unilateral hearing loss.

This continuous innovation underscores Phonak's commitment to providing diverse and advanced solutions for varying hearing needs. The difference between Lumity and Paradise lies in the innovative elements that have been added and the improvement of the existing functionalities.

Phonak Audéo Lumity's features

Phonak's latest new Lumity line of hearing aids has a range of innovative features. From seamless connectivity to comprehensive health data tracking, this advanced product line ensures an optimal auditory experience. Moreover, the convenience of a fully rechargeable product range adds to the user-friendly design. Here are the main improvements:

1. Immersive auditory experience


Phonak Audéo Lumity delivers heightened hearing capabilities in various scenarios, making it easier for users to navigate different listening situations. Lumity harnesses the power of artificial intelligence-driven machine learning, undergoing training to precisely recognize and adapt to distinct sound environments. This ensures a seamless and fully immersive experience during conversations. 

2. Comprehensive health monitoring


Lumity goes beyond traditional hearing aid functionalities by incorporating health data tracking features, providing users with valuable insights into their well-being. Cutting-edge hearing aids with fitness and health-monitoring features empower users to manage their hearing health and overall well-being, contributing positively to their overall quality of life.

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3. Connectivity across devices

Audéo Lumity integrates with the myPhonak app and Bluetooth-enabled devices, offering an enriched connection to the surrounding world. 

  • The myPhonak app is a dynamic tool, that empowers users to personalize their hearing experience. Beyond just offering remote control functionalities, it enables individuals to monitor their health data, fostering a pathway to a healthier self. 
  • The myPhonak app also interfaces with Roger microphones, leveraging intelligent wireless technology. Through RogerDirect, these microphones transmit speech directly to Lumity hearing aids, effectively overcoming challenges posed by distance and ambient noise. Furthermore, the Roger Select device, when placed on a table, automatically identifies and prioritizes the person speaking. In situations with multiple conversations, users retain the flexibility to manually select the speaker they wish to focus on, ensuring a tailored and enhanced auditory experience.
  • The TV connector facilitates the direct streaming of TV input through your hearing aids, tailored to your specific hearing loss prescription. Importantly, this streaming does not impact others in the room, preserving their ability to hear the TV independently. In noisy environments, the PartnerMic offers a practical solution by being attachable to the collar of the person you are conversing with, ensuring that their voice is transmitted directly into your ears for improved clarity.

4. Options for rechargeability

Phonak Lumity has different charging options depending on the device and personal needs:

  • Phonak Charger Ease: the perfect solution for charging Audéo Lumity L-R and L-RT hearing aids in just three hours ensures a full day of uninterrupted hearing.
  • Phonak Charger Case Go: a specialized charger that quickly charges Phonak Audéo Lumity Life water-resistant hearing instruments. Uniquely designed to provide up to 3 additional charges on the go, this portable charger ensures extended battery life.
  • Phonak Life Charger: designed specifically for Audéo Life, it uses inductive charging technology and is intended for use in a fixed location, providing convenience and efficiency in charging your hearing instruments.
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Other Phonak Lumity features

SpeechSensor algorithm in Audéo Lumity accurately identifies the direction of the primary speech signal, resulting in a tangible benefit of 15% improved speech comprehension when the speech originates from the side or rear, accompanied by an 11% reduction in listening effort. 

On the other hand, Lumity's innovative StereoZoom 2.0 intelligently tailors focus strength in response to escalating noise levels, offering users the flexibility to adjust focus preferences in real-time through the Speech Focus slider in the myPhonak app. This additional focus potential contributes to a noteworthy 2.5 dB enhancement in the signal-to-noise ratio. 

AutoSense 5.0 leverages artificial intelligence, the AutoSense OS discerns the user's environmental context and seamlessly transitions among up to nine personalized listening programs. These programs encompass both live listening scenarios and streaming applications. The advanced 5.0 operating system within the Lumity line offers an expansive array of over 200 distinct settings combinations, further enhancing performance across a broad spectrum of listening situations.

Phonak Lumity colors

Phonak Lumity hearing aids not only provide advanced hearing technology but also offer a range of color options designed to complement and match diverse lifestyles:

  • Sand beige
  • Silver grey
  • Champagne
  • Chestnut
  • Sandalwood
  • Beige
  • Velvet black
  • Graphite gray
  • Precious pink
  • Electric pink
  • Caribbean pirate

Pros and cons of Phonak Audéo Lumity

Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aid offers cutting-edge technology and advanced features, but potential users should consider the pros and cons to make the right purchase:


Perfect for individuals experiencing mild to profound hearing loss and seeking a technologically advanced hearing aid, this widely favored hearing aid is celebrated for its exceptional clarity and richness of sound. Functioning as a versatile solution, it provides users with rechargeability, superior sound quality for improved speech understanding in noisy surroundings, and decreased listening effort. Additionally, it boasts the capability to seamlessly connect to smartphones, TVs, and an array of other devices. With high-tech features and capabilities, it meets the needs of those desiring advanced auditory solutions.


One notable drawback of the Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aid is its relatively high price point, which may be a concern for budget-conscious individuals. While the device offers advanced features and capabilities, the cost may be a limiting factor for some potential users. Buyers have to weigh the benefits against the price to determine if this hearing aid aligns with their budget and specific hearing needs.

While its battery life of 16 hours is generally sufficient for the average day, it might pose a drawback if you find yourself on an extended flight or require prolonged use beyond this timeframe.

Hearing aid insurance

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