Dott. Paul Van Doren

Audiology Specialist and Trainer

I have been working as a dispensing audiologist since 1986, after graduating as speech therapist and several years of experience in clinical Audiology.

Meet our expert: Dr. Paul Van Doren

I have been doing studies in several university hospitals (Antwerp and Ghent) including middle ear implantations, bone anchored hearing aids for unilateral deafness and bimodal fitting of hearing aids and cochlear implants. For the past 10 years I was able to participate as a trainer in audiology in the development of the Amplifon Next project and I am presently committed to the permanent formation of our audiologists. In addition, I am responsible for the audiological policy and testing within the hearing centers in Belgium and Luxembourg.


My passion lies mainly with PMM measurements, asymmetric hearing losses, closed fittings and the search for optimal fitting for each individual customer.

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