How to pair hearing aids with your iPhone

Hearing aids now offer far more than just enhanced hearing. You can now turn your hearing aids into wireless headsets by pairing them with your iPhone and other Apple devices. Smart hearing aid technology now enables you to connect your digital hearing aids to accessories, apps and other smart devices, such as your iPhone. You can stream audio straight into your ears or conveniently adjust your hearing-aid settings with just a few taps of your iPhone.

Why connect hearing aids to iPhone?

There are several hearing aids now available that have direct-to-iPhone and Bluetooth capability. ReSound is just one example of a manufacturer providing hearing aid users with the opportunity of pairing ReSound hearing aids to iPhone. Pairing your hearing aids with your iPhone allows you to control your hearing aid settings, change the volume, check the battery life, stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device and even switch between different program presets to pick up speech in specific environments.

How to pair hearing aids to iPhone

If you want to take advantage of this state-of-the-art hearing aid technology to transform your hearing aids, follow these steps on how to pair hearing aids to iPhone.


  1. Remove your hearing aids from your ears
  2. Go to the Settings on your iPhone and select Bluetooth
  3. Open your hearing aid’s battery door
  4. Go to back to the Settings menu
  5. Tap Accessibility
  6. Tap Hearing Devices
  7. Close the battery door of your hearing aid
  8. Your iPhone will now begin to search for your hearing aid
  9. Under Hearing Devices, you should see the name of your hearing aid, select it
  10. If you use two hearings aids, the display should show L + R
  11. If you just use one hearing aid you should see either L or R, which relates to which ear you wear the hearing aid in
  12. The pairing request should now be displayed, so select Pair. You will receive two pairing requests if you use two hearing aids
  13. Your hearing aid is ready to use when the name of your hearing aid shows up under MFi Hearing Devices with a tick
  14. Your hearing aids are now successfully paired with your iPhone

Whenever you turn off your hearing aids, they will immediately disconnect from your iPhone. To reconnect your hearing aid with your iPhone, turn your hearing aid back on and open and close the battery door.

Pair another device

One of the convenient features of pairing hearing aids to your iPhone is the ability to connect your hearing aids to more than one Apple device. This enables you to switch from one device to the other while you stream, without losing audio. It even allows you to swap when you take a phone call on your iPhone. If you make any changes to your hearing aid setting on one of your devices, your other Apple devices will be automatically updated at the same time.

To pair your hearing aids with an additional device, make sure all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi and signed in to iCloud with the same ID. You can then follow the earlier steps to connect your additional device.

When you have successfully paired your hearing aids to your iPhone, you will have so much more control over your hearing and the way you experience sounds. 

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