How long do hearing aid batteries last?

While hearing aids might be getting smaller, they are becoming more powerful, and this means that their batteries need to be powerful, too. Hearing aid batteries ensure that you can enjoy better hearing, stream your favorite music or TV or drown out tinnitus for as long as you need to. Knowing how long do hearing aid batteries last will also help you decide if your new hearing aids really value for money.

Rechargeable batteries

Many of the latest hearing aids available use rechargeable batteries. These can be charged overnight while you sleep and give you a full day’s worth of use. They are most commonly used in larger hearing aids such as behind-the-ear (BTE) models. You can also invest in rechargeable hearing aids where the battery is built into the device. The hearing aid simply needs to be put in a special charging cradle or plugged into a USB to be recharged.

Disposable batteries

Zinc disposable batteries, which are more commonly referred to as button batteries, are the more traditional way of powering hearing aids. They come with factory-sealed stickers on them. Once this sticker is peeled off, the battery will immediately turn on. The sticker needs to be removed and the battery needs to be in contact with room air for 3-5 minutes prior to inserting the battery into the hearing aid.

So, how long should hearing aid batteries last? That largely depends on the following factors:

  • Hearing aid model. Some hearing aids are much better than others at conserving battery life, even within just one hearing aid brand.
  • Hearing aid use. If you use your hearing aids all day, every day, then, of course, this will drain the battery quicker than someone who only wears theirs occasionally. Unless you turn your hearing aid off or remove the battery, your hearing aid battery will continue to power your device until it is exhausted.
  • Battery brand. There are several brands of hearing aid batteries and these vary in price and performance. When it comes to which brand of hearing aid batteries last the longest, the three most popular for providing good battery life are HEARPRO and Rayovac ProLine.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

In general, hearing aid batteries that are non-rechargeable can hold around five to 12 days’ worth of power when they’ve been worn for 16 hours. The battery life can depend on the size of the battery and the power the hearing aid requires. Smaller sized batteries will usually have a shorter life-span than bigger batteries. There are generally four sizes of hearing aid batteries that are most commonly used. Each size of the battery is color-coded, so it is simple to find the correct battery size for your specific hearing aid. The average lifespan for a hearing aid battery is:

  • Size 10 (yellow): three to seven days
  • Size 312 (brown): three to 10 days
  • Size 13 (orange): six to 14 days
  • Size 675 (blue): nine to 16 days

How to maximize battery life

Every hearing aid battery comes with a small sticker on it that protects the battery. Once this is removed the hearing aid will immediately start to discharge power. You should therefore only remove this sticky tab once you are ready to put the battery in your hearing aids. However, there are some simple things you can do to help maximize the life of your hearing aid battery. For instance:


  • Store your hearing aids at room temperate as an environment that’s either very hot or cold can shorten the battery’s lifespan.
  • Always turn off your hearing aids when you aren’t using them to preserve the battery.
  • When you aren’t using your hearing aids open the battery door to allow any moisture to escape and prevent the battery from corroding.
  • If you know that you won’t be wearing your hearing aid for an extended period then take the battery completely out and store it in your hearing aid case.

There's no exact answer to how long should hearing aid batteries last. But it's always important to use a good-quality hearing-aid battery to ensure your hearing aids will always be able to work at their best and enable you to enjoy quality hearing without the need to regularly charge or replace the batteries.

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