Amplifon hearing aids

Amplifon hearing aids offer a wide range of options, from advanced to affordable, ensuring innovative technology tailored to your hearing needs and budget.

Amplifon hearing aid models review

Amplifon offers a diverse range of hearing aids to cater to various preferences and needs. From discreet, nearly invisible models that fit snugly in the ear canal to comfortable behind-the-ear options, there's a solution for everyone. Some devices even offer wireless connectivity to smartphones for added convenience. With cutting-edge digital technology, Amplifon ensures clear sound perception regardless of the degree of hearing loss. Here are some of the available options:






It features Bluetooth technology and is ideal for those looking for a device that is almost invisible



With a lithium-ion battery, these aids make it easy to stay active and charge effortlessly, ensuring simplicity and reliability in your daily life



It is a small and discreet hearing aid and is characterized by its low weight and high wearing comfort



It has excellent Bluetooth technology that allows the device to be connected to other devices, such as with a smartphone or a television

  • Model

    • Ampli-mini

    • Ampli-energy

    • Ampli-easy

    • Ampli-connect

  • Type

    • ITE 

    • RIC

    • BTE 

    • RIC

  • Characteristics

    • It features Bluetooth technology and is ideal for those looking for a device that is almost invisible

    • With a lithium-ion battery, these aids make it easy to stay active and charge effortlessly, ensuring simplicity and reliability in your daily life

    • It is a small and discreet hearing aid and is characterized by its low weight and high wearing comfort

    • It has excellent Bluetooth technology that allows the device to be connected to other devices, such as with a smartphone or a television

Amplifon hearing aids: price list

How much does a hearing aid cost at Amplifon in Australia? The manufacturer offers a range of price categories for advanced and virtually undetectable hearing aids tailored to the individual needs of each individual. Additionally, Amplifon offers a range of payment options to ensure financial flexibility. The aim is for you to enjoy an exceptional listening experience without cost being an issue. 

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Subsidies for hearing aids

The Hearing Services Program (HSP) is a government initiative in Australia aimed at offering fully or partially subsidized hearing aids and related services to eligible individuals. Managed by the Department of Health, this program seeks to mitigate the effects of preventable hearing loss by granting qualified participants access to high-quality hearing services and devices.

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Is Amplifon a good hearing aid manufacturer?

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Amplifon is a well-established and reputable provider of hearing aids and related services. They offer a wide range of hearing aid options to cater to various preferences, budgets, and hearing needs. The effectiveness of a hearing aid depends on factors such as the individual's specific hearing loss, lifestyle, and preferences. It's essential to consult with a hearing care professional to determine the most suitable hearing aid for your unique circumstances. They can provide personalized recommendations and guidance based on comprehensive evaluations and assessments. Additionally, reading reviews and testimonials from other users can offer insights into the experiences of individuals who have used Amplifon hearing aids.

Amplifon hearing aids for pensioners

Old lady wearing one of the hearing aids

Amplifon offers hearing aids and services for individuals of all ages, including pensioners. They provide a diverse range of hearing aid options designed to meet various preferences, lifestyles, and budgets. Additionally, Amplifon may offer special programs, discounts, or financing options specifically tailored for pensioners to help make hearing aids more accessible and affordable. It's recommended that pensioners interested in Amplifon's hearing aids contact their local Amplifon clinic or visit their website to inquire about available options and any potential benefits or discounts for pensioners.

How to pair Amplifon hearing aids to iPhone?

Pairing Amplifon hearing aids with your iPhone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your hearing aids: Ensure that your Amplifon hearing aids are turned on and placed close to your iPhone
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone: Go to the "Settings" app on your iPhone and tap on "Bluetooth." Toggle the switch to turn it on
  3. Put your hearing aids in pairing mode: Different Amplifon hearing aids may have slightly different methods to enter pairing mode. Typically, you might need to press and hold a specific button on each hearing aid until you hear a pairing prompt or see a light indicator flashing. Refer to your specific Amplifon hearing aid's manual for exact instructions
  4. Pair your hearing aids with your iPhone: Once your hearing aids are in pairing mode, your iPhone should detect them. On your iPhone's Bluetooth settings, you should see your hearing aids listed under "Other Devices." Tap on the name of your hearing aids to initiate the pairing process
  5. Follow on-screen instructions: Your iPhone may prompt you to confirm the pairing request. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process
  6. Adjust hearing aid settings: After successfully pairing, you can adjust various settings for your hearing aids on your iPhone. Go to "Settings," then "Accessibility," and finally "Hearing Devices." Here, you can adjust volume levels, enable features like Live Listen, and manage other settings related to your hearing aids
  7. Test the connection: Play some audio on your iPhone to ensure that sound is streaming to your hearing aids correctly. You should hear the audio through your hearing aids if the pairing was successful

If you encounter any difficulties during the pairing process, refer to the user manual provided with your Amplifon hearing aids or contact Amplifon's customer support for assistance.

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Amplifon hearing aids accessories

To get the most out of your listening experience, there is a wide range of accessories tailored to your specific needs. From Bluetooth TV adapters to music transmitters, these wireless technologies will improve your hearing aid experience:

  • Hearing aid remote control: Now you can adjust your hearing aids without touching them - thanks to Bluetooth or wireless technologies. Turn your phone into a remote control and improve your listening experience with our remote control devices
  • Bluetooth transmitter for TV and MP3: Now it's easier to enjoy every detail of a movie or rediscover your favorite music thanks to wireless options like transmitters that transmit sound directly to your hearing aids. With these alternatives, you can easily relive the sound of your life
  • Directional microphones for hearing aids: Often the best business opportunities arise over a meal, just as the most meaningful personal moments are shared around a table. Whether in busy restaurants or quiet after-dinner conversations, hearing solutions offer ways to minimize ambient noise and improve conversations. Directional microphones and other solutions are suitable for a variety of listening needs

Batteries of Amplifon hearing aids

Batteries are critical to the operation of hearing aids, essential for enhancing your hearing experience and rediscovering the sounds around you. When replacing the battery, it is important to consider that there are different battery sizes for hearing aids that vary in size, compatibility and durability.

Hearing aid batteries are available in four different sizes, each distinguished by a unique color-coded tab to simplify identification:

  • Size 10 batteries feature a yellow tab.
  • Size 13 batteries are identifiable by an orange tab.
  • Size 312 batteries come with a brown tab.
  • Size 675 batteries are equipped with a blue tab.

Amplifon hearing aid app

The Amplifon mobile application offers a practical solution for individuals using Amplifon hearing aids. It enables users to manage and fine-tune their hearing aids directly from their smartphone, enhancing their overall auditory experience. Equipped with functionalities like adjusting volume levels, selecting hearing programs, and monitoring battery status, the app offers a simple and intuitive platform for tailoring and maximizing the performance of hearing aids.
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Pros and cons of Amplifon hearing aids

Amplifon hearing aids offer cutting-edge technology and advanced features, but potential users must weigh the pros and cons to make the right purchase:


  • Model variety: Amplifon offers a wide range of hearing aid models, from discreet behind-the-ear devices to smaller, more discreet models that fit into the ear canal
  • Advanced technology: Amplifon hearing aids are often equipped with advanced technology that can be tailored to the user's specific needs
  • Fitting service: Amplifon often offers a hearing aid fitting and follow-up service to ensure the device is functioning optimally for the user and to make any necessary adjustments over time


  • Adjustment: Some people need time and patience to get used to wearing hearing aids. There may be an adjustment period during which the user needs to get used to the feeling of having a device in their ear and the amplified sounds
  • Maintenance: Hearing aids require regular maintenance to ensure optimal function. This includes changing batteries, cleaning the devices and regular adjustments

FAQs about Amplifon hearing aids

What brand of hearing aids does Amplifon sell?

Amplifon is a global hearing care provider that offers a wide range of hearing aids from various reputable brands. Some of the brands of hearing aids sold by Amplifon include:

These brands are known for their innovation, quality, and effectiveness in addressing various types and degrees of hearing loss. Amplifon works closely with these manufacturers to provide a diverse selection of hearing aid options to suit individual preferences, lifestyles, and budgets

What are Amplifon domes' hearing aids?

Amplifon offers a variety of hearing aid domes, which are small, soft silicone or rubber pieces that fit onto the end of the hearing aid receiver or tubing. These domes play a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable and secure fit in the ear canal, as well as in the delivery of sound from the hearing aid to the ear.

The specific type of dome you may need depends on factors such as the style of your hearing aid, the shape and size of your ear canal, and your individual preferences. Amplifon provides different dome options, including open domes, closed domes, double domes, and power domes, each designed to meet various needs and hearing loss profiles.

Open domes allow for natural sound and airflow into the ear canal, suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Closed domes provide more amplification and may be suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss. Double domes offer additional stability and may be preferred by some users for a more secure fit. Power domes are designed for severe to profound hearing loss, providing maximum amplification and retention.

It's essential to work with a hearing care professional to determine the most suitable dome type for your individual needs and to ensure proper fitting and comfort. Amplifon's experienced audiologists can help you select the right dome type and provide guidance on caring for and maintaining your hearing aids for optimal performance.

Who makes Amplifon hearing aids?

Amplifon is a global hearing care provider that offers hearing aids from various reputable manufacturers. These manufacturers design and produce the hearing aids sold under the Amplifon brand. 

Amplifon collaborates closely with these manufacturers to provide a diverse range of hearing aid options to suit individual preferences, lifestyles, and budgets. Each manufacturer brings its own expertise, innovation, and technology to the development of hearing aids, allowing Amplifon to offer high-quality solutions to individuals with hearing loss.

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