Top-rated earplugs for concerts: foam, silicone and filters


When attending concerts, protecting your hearing is paramount for enjoying the music safely without risking long-term damage. Earplugs designed specifically for live music events offer a balanced solution, reducing the volume while maintaining the quality of sound. Look for earplugs with a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and a comfortable fit to ensure they effectively block out harmful noise without sacrificing comfort. 

1.1 billion

of teens and young adults risk hearing loss due to loud sounds at entertainment venues.

Do I need earplugs for concerts?

Your ears possess a delicate structure that may surprise you. Within them lie tiny hair follicles responsible for converting soundwaves into electrical signals sent to your brain. Prolonged exposure to noise levels exceeding 70dB can lead to damage to these delicate hairs and the surrounding arteries. Experiencing a ringing sensation or a feeling of dullness in your ears following exposure to loud sounds is indicative of potential damage to the delicate cells within your inner ear. Each instance of exposure to loud environments, whether it's from concerts, motorcycles, hunting, or personal listening devices like headphones, contributes to irreversible hearing loss. This loss, significant enough to eventually register on a hearing test, affects every facet of life, ranging from professional endeavors and interpersonal relationships to the enjoyment of social engagements.

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Good earplug types for concerts

When it comes to attending concerts and live music events, the exhilarating atmosphere and immersive sound can provide unforgettable experiences. However, amidst the excitement, it's easy to overlook the potential risks to our hearing health. Excessive exposure to loud music can lead to permanent damage, making it crucial to invest in high-quality and good earplugs designed specifically for concerts. In this guide, we'll explore the best earplugs tailored to preserve sound quality while effectively reducing noise levels, ensuring you can enjoy concerts safely without compromising on the experience.

Foam earplugs


The majority of earplugs are crafted from foam, prized for their flexibility. Their key benefit lies in their ability to mold to the shape of the ear canal. These earplugs are well-suited for moderating noise levels in everyday scenarios, such as within a music event or while seeking respite from ambient noise to sleep. It's important to exercise caution as improper fitting may result in them protruding from the ear and failing to offer adequate protection.

Silicone earplugs


Silicone earplugs provide a comfortable fit within the ear canal, making them particularly suitable for use during sleep and at concerts. Their ease of insertion and removal ensures convenience, while their ability to form an airtight seal on the outer ear canal enhances protection. Among silicone earplugs, some feature a more moldable composition crafted from soft silicone, rendering them hypoallergenic.

Acoustic filters


High-fidelity acoustic filter earplugs are specialized filters to attenuate sound evenly across frequencies, preserving the quality of music while reducing volume.

They are ideal for gigs where you want to protect your hearing without sacrificing sound clarity. They offer increased comfort due to their slim design, resulting in reduced pressure within the ear canal.

A musician playing the guitar
Earplugs for musicians

Musician earplugs shield hearing from loud music, preventing potential damage and preserving your auditory health, essential for professionals and music enthusiasts alike.

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Top-rated earplugs for concerts

Here are the best brands that produce high-quality earplugs:

  • Amplifon Earplugs: Amplifon earplugs are engineered to provide optimal protection without compromising on sound quality. Whether you're attending a rock concert or a classical performance, these earplugs offer customizable options to suit your needs. With a range of attenuation filters available, Amplifon earplugs allow you to adjust the level of noise reduction according to your preference, ensuring a personalized listening experience while safeguarding your hearing.
  • Loop Earplugs: Designed with both style and functionality in mind, Loop earplugs offer a sleek and discreet solution for concert enthusiasts. Their innovative loop-shaped design ensures a secure fit without sacrificing comfort, making them ideal for extended wear during concerts. With specialized acoustic filters, Loop earplugs attenuate noise evenly across frequencies, preserving the clarity and fidelity of the music while protecting your ears from harmful sound levels.
  • Etymotic Earplugs: The company has long been recognized for its commitment to preserving sound quality in noisy environments, and its earplugs for concerts are no exception. Crafted with precision-engineered filters, Etymotic Research earplugs reduce noise levels while maintaining the integrity of the music. Their high-fidelity design ensures that concertgoers can enjoy every nuance of the performance without experiencing distortion or muffling, making them a favorite among audiophiles and musicians alike

What dB is recommended for earplugs at concerts?

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Earplugs for concerts should ideally have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of at least 15-30 dB to effectively protect your hearing while still allowing you to enjoy the music. These earplugs are designed to attenuate sound evenly across frequencies, preserving the quality of the music while reducing the volume to a safer level. Using earplugs will prevent irriversible hearing loss

FAQs about earplugs for concerts

What are the best earplugs for metal concerts?

When attending concerts, protecting your hearing is crucial. Especially at metal concerts with their high volume levels, choosing the right earplugs is essential. Brands like Etymotic Research, Vibes, and Loop offer options with specialized acoustic filters to reduce volume while maintaining sound quality. Comfort is key for extended wear, so opt for soft materials like silicone. Consider features like custom-molded options for personalized fit or discreet designs for a seamless concert experience. By prioritizing your hearing health with the right earplugs, you can fully enjoy concerts while safeguarding your ears.

Are Loop earplugs good for concerts?

Yes, Loop earplugs can be excellent choices for concerts. Loop earplugs offer a unique design that ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making them suitable for extended wear during concerts. Their innovative shape helps to reduce pressure within the ear canal while providing effective noise reduction. Additionally, loop earplugs are often designed with specialized acoustic filters that preserve the clarity and fidelity of the music, allowing concertgoers to enjoy the performance while protecting their hearing. Overall, loop earplugs can be a practical and stylish option for individuals seeking hearing protection at concerts.

Are foam earplugs good for concerts?

Foam earplugs can be suitable for concerts, but their effectiveness can vary depending on the specific environment and personal preferences. Foam earplugs are known for their ability to block out noise and provide a snug fit in the ear canal, which can help reduce the overall volume level at concerts. However, some people find that foam earplugs can muffle sound or distort the music's quality, particularly if they are not inserted properly.

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