Alternatives to hearing aids for elderly

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Hearing loss ranks as the third most prevalent physical condition, following heart disease and arthritis. Despite the fact that approximately one out of every three individuals aged 65 and above experiences hearing impairment, only around 20-30% of them seek assistance. Neglecting to address hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline, including reduced concentration and memory, which can occur up to 40% faster. The primary obstacle to obtaining hearing aids is the expense. Therefore, it is essential to understand cheap alternatives to hearing aids and determine if these options are appropriate for your needs.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Many people search for alternative options for hearing aids for seniors due to the high cost of advanced models. Reputable manufacturers typically charge around $2,500 per hearing aid for state-of-the-art devices. Although some private medical insurance policies may cover the expenses, most seniors do not have this benefit.

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

The cost of hearing aids varies greatly depending on the brand, the hearing aid technology and the specific features they offer. Factors such as Bluetooth streaming, wireless connectivity, telecoils, remote volume controls, noise and wind reduction, direct audio input, and rechargeable capabilities all contribute to the higher price of hearing aids. Essentially, the more features a model has, the higher the cost. However, not everyone may find these features necessary or relevant to their lifestyle. For instance, if you don't own a smartphone, there may be no need to incorporate Bluetooth streaming. Additionally, some hearing aids come with health-monitoring apps and other functions that may be seen as cool but not applicable to everyone.

Hearing aid options for seniors

Are there any options other than hearing aids that are equally effective? To be honest, although there are several alternatives available for older individuals, they will never be as effective as a hearing aid that is specifically tailored to their needs and made by a highly respected manufacturer. These alternatives simply do not have the same level of advanced technology and features. If you are looking for the best alternative to a hearing aid, here are a few options to consider:

Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs)

Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) can be bought for as low as $300 on platforms like Amazon.

Here are some disadvantages about PSAPs:

  • No customization: since PSAPs are not customized to fit the wearer's ears, excessive amplification may lead to further damage to hearing.
  • Can be uncomfortable: the lack of personalized fit can make PSAPs uncomfortable to wear, especially over extended periods.
  • Limited sound processing: unlike hearing aids, PSAPs do not assist the brain in processing sounds, which may limit their efficiency in certain situations.
  • Potential for over-amplification: without professional guidance, users may not be aware of when the volume is too loud, potentially causing harm to their hearing.

Here are some advantages about PSAPs:

  • Amplification Only: PSAPs can amplify existing sounds, allowing users to hear better in various environments.
  • Convenient to wear: These devices are ready to use without the need for follow-up appointments or complicated maintenance.
  • Cheap hearing aid alternatives: PSAPs are more affordable compared to traditional hearing aids, making them a budget-friendly option.
  • Soft sound recognition: PSAPs are effective at amplifying soft sounds, improving the ability to hear low-volume noises.It is crucial to research and check ratings of cheap hearing aid alternatives before making a purchase, as there is significant variability across the industry of hearing devices.

It is crucial to research and check ratings of cheap hearing aid alternatives before making a purchase, as there is significant variability across the industry of hearing devices.

TV Listening devices

One of the most common concerns faced by family members and friends of individuals with hearing impairment is the high volume of the TV. Those with hearing loss often have to turn up the TV volume to extreme levels in order to hear what's going on. However, this can be uncomfortable for others and may even pose a risk of hearing damage.

TV listening devices for hearing impaired provide a wireless connection to your TV, allowing you to listen to the sound independently. This means that all viewers can watch the same show at different volume levels. Although it doesn't solve the problem of hearing loss entirely, it can enhance the overall quality of life.

Amplified telephone

Individuals with hearing loss often face the frustrating challenge of not being able to hear clearly on the phone. Conversations with friends and family become incredibly difficult as words are misunderstood or completely missed. The absence of visual cues further complicates matters, making it harder for people with hearing impairment to understand what the other person is saying.

Amplified telephones for hearing impaired are devices that enhance the volume of the speaker's voice during one-way communication.

Affordable hearing aids

Less expensive alternatives to traditional hearing aids often have limitations as they are primarily designed for specific situations. These alternatives cannot match the advanced features, customization, and adaptability of modern hearing aids. We recommend scheduling a complimentary hearing test with EarPros and exploring different hearing aid options. Making the right choice can truly transform your life.

However, not all hearing aids have to come with a hefty price tag. More recent and pricier models often include features that not everyone requires. EarPros offers a range of affordable hearing aids that can significantly improve your hearing.

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Hearing Aids with financing options

Before delving into some of the various affordable hearing aid options, it's worth noting that many companies are assisting Australians by offering hearing aids with financing plans. If you are unable to afford a lump sum payment for hearing aids, you may have the option to spread out the cost over a specific period. It's important to remember that a significant portion of the cost of hearing aids includes consultation fees, tests, custom fitting, and any necessary adjustments. Here are a few of our top  if you're seeking to upgrade to an affordable pair of hearing aids:

1. Phonak Lyric

The Phonak Lyric is a discreet and convenient In-the-Canal (ITC) hearing aid. It requires no recharging or removal at night, and is available through a monthly subscription at around $130 per month. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, it offers advanced noise cancellation technology and comfortable wear at an affordable price.

2. Costco hearing aids

Costco's own brand of hearing aids, Kirkland Signature, is priced at an affordable $1,400 per pair, which is below the industry average. These hearing aids are available for purchase and fitting at any Costco hearing center nationwide. While it may require some time to secure an appointment, the quality and features of Kirkland Signature hearing aids make them worth it.

Kirkland Signature hearing aids provide high-quality stereo sound, streaming of TV sound, an app for headphone control, and full telecoil connectivity. Additionally, they offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect them to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

3. Rexton Emerald

The Rexton Emerald range of hearing aids aims to deliver a natural hearing experience. These discreet TruCore RIC devices are designed to fit in the ear canal while providing an elegant look. With advanced technology, wearers have greater control, including wireless audio streaming, t-coil systems, and an app for fine-tuning the hearing aid settings.

Rexton Emerald hearing aids are priced as low as $1,000, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to upgrade from inexpensive alternatives to a reliable, high-quality hearing aid.

How to save on hearing aid costs

At EarPros, we strongly believe that hearing aids can significantly improve your quality of life. Seeking alternatives to hearing aids may result in a lower quality hearing experience and could potentially worsen your hearing condition. Moreover, inexpensive hearing aid alternatives do not offer the same benefits as modern hearing aids.

Saving money on hearing aids is a top priority for many Australians. If a company does not offer a payment plan, you may need to be resourceful in your search. By implementing these strategies, you can reduce the cost of your hearing aids. In some cases, individuals have discovered they had coverage they were not aware of. Here are some tips to help you save on hearing aids.

Shop around

Instead of looking for hearing aid alternatives, explore more affordable hearing aid options. With a wide range of models available, it can be overwhelming for first-time users to find a great deal. However, with thorough research, you can find the perfect pair at a reasonable price.

Inquire about local aid organizations

Local aid organizations may offer used or repurposed hearing aids.

Avoid unnecessary features

Hearing aids often come with advanced features, but if you do not require those features, there is no need to pay extra for them.

Conclusion on hearing aid alternatives

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Although cheap hearing aid alternatives may appear to be a convenient solution, they lack regulation and fail to provide the customized hearing experience of genuine hearing aids. While high-end models can be expensive, it's important not to abandon the idea of using hearing aids. There are options available to help cover the costs or consider payment plans.

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