Personalized hearing aids with Signia app

The Signia app enhances customer support and consolidates all functionalities, including connectivity, remote control, Signia Assistant, and TeleCare, in one unified app. Users can discreetly control devices, stream media, and receive assistance on the go, all through a modern and user-friendly interface for added convenience.


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What is the Signia app?

The Signia app is a mobile application developed by Signia, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids and related technology. This app is designed to work in conjunction with Signia's hearing aid devices, providing users with a range of features to enhance their hearing experience and manage their devices more effectively. Some of the functionalities offered by the Signia app include remote control of hearing aid settings, access to telecare services for remote support from hearing care professionals, personalized adjustments for volume and program settings, and even listening lessons to help users adapt to wearing hearing aids. Overall, the Signia app serves as a comprehensive tool for users to optimize their hearing aid usage and improve their overall quality of life.

How to set up and use Signia app

Signia app is downloadable for both Android and iOS and setting up the Signia app is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the app: Visit the app Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) on your smartphone, then search for "Signia" in the search bar and locate the official Signia app to download it
  2. Open the app: Locate the Signia app icon on your smartphone's home screen and tap on the icon to open the app
  3. Create an account: Upon opening the app, you may need to create a Signia account so follow the prompts to provide the necessary information and create your account
  4. Pair with wearing aids: Turn on your Signia hearing aids, enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and follow the app instructions to pair your hearing aids with the app
  5. Set preferences: Once paired, you can customize your preferences within the app. Adjust settings such as volume, sound profiles, and other personalized features based on your hearing needs
  6. Explore Signia Assistant: Familiarize yourself with the Signia Assistant feature, which provides intuitive text-based dialogue for tailored sound adjustments and answers to handling questions
  7. Use additional features: Explore other features such as connectivity options, remote control functionalities, and TeleCare support available through the app

By following these steps, you can successfully set up the Signia app and begin enjoying the personalized benefits it offers for managing your Signia hearing aids.

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How to connect hearing aids to Signia app

To set up the Signia app for your hearing aids, go to the app settings in the Settings menu under the icon. Choose Bluetooth as the connection option and follow the provided instructions to pair your hearing aids. Switch on your hearing aids, ensure they are within range of your smartphone, and follow the on-screen instructions.

For apple devices:

  1. Go to Phone Settings
  2. Select Accessibility
  3. Choose Hearing Aids
  4. Activate Bluetooth by swiping the menu bar next to Bluetooth to the right. If already on, this step will be skipped
  5. Your device will detect your hearing aids; tap on their name
  6. Select Pair when the pairing request pops up (if two hearing aids, you'll see two requests)
  7. Once paired, return to the Signia app, which will automatically connect to your hearing aids
  8. Once connected, click on Let’s Go!

Connection through QR code

Another method to connect to the Signia app is via a QR code. Navigate to the Settings menu accessible under the icon, then select app settings and proceed to Set up the app. To link to your hearing aids, opt for the QR code connection if it's been provided by your hearing healthcare professional. Utilize your mobile device's camera to capture the QR code, and the connection will be established automatically.

What phones is Signia app compatible with?

The Signia app boasts compatibility with a wide array of smartphones, including those running on Android (version 7.0 and later) and apple devices (iOS 11.0 and later). This inclusive compatibility ensures that a broad spectrum of users, whether on Android or iOS platforms, can seamlessly leverage the features and functionalities offered by the Signia app.

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Signia app's functions

Here's an overview of the most innovative features introduced with the new Signia app:

Signia Assistant


The Signia Assistant empowers you to customize your individual preferences to enhance sound clarity using advanced AI technology. With each interaction, the Assistant promptly adjusts to your desires and stores your preferences for future reference.

Mask mode


Mask Mode in the Signia app's Universal hearing program enhances communication for hearing aid users talking to mask-wearers. Simply tap the button with the face mask icon to activate it, improving speech clarity and reducing background noise. To deactivate, just tap again.

Virtual appointments


Virtual appointments offer remote support from your hearing care professional, eliminating the need to visit the store physically. Through these sessions, you can access listening lessons tailored to help you acclimate to hearing aids and enhance your overall listening experience.

Remote control


The features of the Signia app's remote control allow for enhanced customization of your hearing experience. Within the main menu, you'll find the current volume and program displayed prominently. If you have the tinnitus program enabled, an additional icon is available at the bottom for adjusting the therapy signal. Tapping on the streaming icon grants access to your streaming devices like StreamLine TV or StreamLine Mic. Additionally, if you're using an audio streaming accessory, you can conveniently adjust its volume level directly within the app.

Connectivity & streaming


Effortlessly manage your audio streaming accessories, including popular options like StreamLine TV and StreamLine Mic, with the user-friendly features available. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting volume levels seamlessly while streaming your favorite content. Furthermore, benefits from adaptive streaming volume, ensuring an optimal listening experience tailored to your preferences in various environments. Whether you're watching TV or engaging in conversations, these functionalities provide enhanced control and comfort throughout your day.



To utilize TeleCare features, you need to activate it separately through your hearing healthcare provider. Reach out to your local provider to obtain the activation code. Accessing TeleCare is simple: navigate to the main menu of the app and select "Professional." From there, you'll find your hearing healthcare provider's name. At the bottom, you can initiate a chat with them. Your messages will be highlighted in red, while the healthcare professional's responses will be displayed in grey within the chat.

FAQs about Signia app

What is sound balance on signia app?

The "Sound Balance" feature on the Signia app refers to the ability to adjust the balance of sound between your left and right hearing aids. This feature allows users to fine-tune the volume or tone of sound in each ear independently to accommodate any differences in hearing levels between the ears. It's a useful tool for achieving optimal hearing and comfort for individuals with asymmetrical hearing loss or other specific needs.

Why is my Signia app not connecting to Bluetooth?

If your Signia app is not connecting to Bluetooth, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Check compatibility: Ensure that your smartphone and the Signia app are compatible with each other. Sometimes, certain phone models or operating system versions may have issues with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Restart devices: Turn off both your smartphone and your hearing aids. Wait for a few minutes, then turn them back on. This simple step can often resolve connectivity issues.
  • Enable Bluetooth: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on both on your smartphone and your hearing aids. Sometimes it might accidentally be turned off.
  • Update software: Ensure that both your smartphone's operating system and the Signia app are up to date. Outdated software can cause compatibility issues and affect Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Forget and re-pair: In your smartphone's Bluetooth settings, forget the connection with your hearing aids. Then, try pairing them again through the Signia app.
  • Check battery: Ensure that the batteries in your hearing aids are charged or replaced if needed. Low battery levels can sometimes affect Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Reset hearing aids: Some hearing aids have a reset option that can help resolve connectivity issues. Check the user manual of your hearing aids for instructions on how to reset them.
  • Contact support: If none of the above steps work, reach out to Signia's customer support for further assistance. They may be able to provide specific troubleshooting steps for your particular model of hearing aids and smartphone.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve the Bluetooth connectivity issue with your Signia app and hearing aids.

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